Student Health Center



Any student who wishes to participate in a College athletic program (basketball, football, tennis, track, etc.) must have a complete physical under the supervision of the Morehouse College physician. The physical must be obtained prior to engaging in any formal athletic activity, sanctioned training or practice sessions. Physicals are scheduled by the coach and the College physician. In addition, any student desiring to participate in the College's athletic program must complete and return an insurance information form.

All Morehouse College incoming freshmen are required to have the following immunizations/test(s):

  • Proof of two MMR vaccines
  • Proof of tetanus booster within 10 years
  • Proof of meningitis vaccine
  • PPD testing within one year of matriculation

Morehouse College endeavors to provide a safe community for students to matriculate and develop.

James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center Excuse Policy

The Student Health Center provides quality medical care to enrolled Morehouse College students. Students who attend to their own healthcare needs will be able to better attend to their educational goals. The Student Health Center’s team of professionals are ready to serve students with medical care or advice.

Morehouse College views class attendance as an individual student responsibility. Excused absences should be narrowly defined to ensure that academics are the first priority. Faculty have discretion to determine, beyond the College’s mandated excused absences, what constitutes an excused absence and what coursework, beyond exams, is available for make-up credit. Students are expected to attend class and to complete all assignments. 

Excused Absences

The Student Health Center medical providers are frequently asked by students to write out a medical excuse for classes or work. The providers use the following guidelines when writing an excuse note:

For injury or illness that requires a student to be absent from classes for three or more days, the student should obtain a medical confirmation note from the Student Health Center or his medical provider. 

* The Student Health Center or an off-campus medical provider can provide a medical confirmation note ONLY if medical professionals are involved in the care of the student. 

* The medical confirmation note should contain the date and time of illness and confirmation of needed absence. 

For injury or illness that requires a student to be absent for less than three days: 

Faculty members may require confirmation of student injury or illness that is serious enough for a student to be absent from class for a period less than three (3) business days. At the discretion of the faculty member and/or academic department standard, as outlined in the course syllabus, illness confirmation may be obtained by one or both of the following methods: 

* An e-mail from the Nursing Staff at the Student Health Center affirming date and time of visit; or

* Confirmation of visit from an outside health care professional affirming date and time of visit. 

**Please note than an absence for a non-acute medical service does not constitute an excused absence. 

Per the College’s policy, students must receive signature approval from Dean of Students to validate any class excuse. Valid written documentation must be submitted to justify their class absences.   If needed, the student must provide additional documentation substantiating the reason for the absence. Students are not required to share specific medical records since they are covered by privacy laws (HIPAA).