Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Message from the President 

It is with great pride and resolve that I introduce the strategic plan for Morehouse College that will take us into the year 2018 and beyond.  This plan, quite simply, is about achieving the world of our dreams through two primary drivers - character preeminence and capital preeminence.  At my inauguration as the 11th President of Morehouse College, I shared that capital preeminence means having a first-rate campus and character preeminence means producing first-rate men.  When we are recognizably and completely preeminent in both, we will have the world of our dreams.

Black boys and black men are under assault in this country and this world.  Education policies, police and justice practices, and limitations on access and opportunities in the innovation economy are 21st century examples of remaining artifacts of the Jim Crow era.  Old and new constructs reinforce unequal negative impacts on black boys and black men everywhere from the United States to Brazil and beyond to Africa and Europe.  Morehouse must remain a counterforce to these challenges by providing a pathway for our men to ascend through and beyond these challenges to a transformed place for them individually and for us collectively.  We must develop in our students the acuity to see and understand these challenges; nurture and reinforce the necessary integrity to overcome these challenges; affirm the agency of our young men; provide opportunities to demonstrate strength in brotherhood and build each man’s capacity to take action and have a meaningful, consequential impact in the world. This is the heart of the mission of Morehouse College.

There is an urgency to find new, efficient and sustainable ways of continuing this mission while keeping the cost of a Morehouse education within our students’ reach.  Now, more than ever, we have to compete and prevail in an academic marketplace where students and their parents seek and deserve economic and demonstrable value in our instructional programs and in the overall quality of our living-learning environment.  New and emerging technologies, innovative pedagogies, and the availability of new educational delivery systems have come to the fore, while students today must be prepared for a world vastly different than that of the 20th century.  We live in a digital, knowledge, creative and innovation economy, and to ensure success in this 21st century, our students have to be stronger than ever before at the intersection between critical and imaginative thinking.

It is in this context that we carefully examined best practices and evaluated the current efficacy of our offerings and operations.  And with that viewpoint, we have taken a deep, hard look at Morehouse that has led to a path forward replete with disruptive, yet meaningful improvements aimed at ensuring we can continue to do what no other institution can – produce Morehouse Men. 

This strategic plan responds to the challenges before us by placing our distinctive mission, high expectations and enduring values at the core of our value proposition.  To sustain and strengthen our prominence in producing generations of leaders, the path to preeminence requires a renewed focus on teaching, mentorship and leadership by the faculty, as well as ensuring we have the right blend of first-class technology and talented staff.  It also requires that we grow and better manage the College’s resources. With this new strategic plan, we identify the guideposts along this path. 

We invite those who appreciate the value proposition of Morehouse to join us on this path to preeminence.  It will be filled with challenges and victories, but at the finish line, we will be closer to the world of our dreams. 

John S. Wilson, Jr. ‘79