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Educational Programs: All:Acceptance of academic credit
The institution has a defined and published policy for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, experiential learning, advanced placement, and professional certificates that is consistent with its mission and ensures that course work and learning outcomes are at the collegiate level and comparable to the institution’s own degree programs. The institution assumes responsibility for the academic quality of any course work or credit recorded on the institution’s transcript. (See Commission policy “The Transfer or Transcripting of Academic Credit.”)

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Coursework completed at other colleges and universities and armed services and transfer credits from regionally accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities may be accepted for courses that apply to the student's program of study.  A total of 60 semester hours of credit may be applied toward a bachelor's degree.
A student who has already matriculated at Morehouse College may be granted permission to take courses at an accredited four year institution by following the policies outlined in the course catalog. All such
requests must be authorized by the department chair with oversight of the academic discipline the course falls within. By signature, the department chair is assenting that the curriculum and measures of reflecting acquired knowledge are within acceptable standards for the College. To receive credit for work completed at such institutions, the student must submit the fully executed off-campus approval form to the Office of Records and Registration prior to commencing their study. A valid official transcript from the institution where the study took place is also required.

Credit by examination, Advance Placement Credit, CLEP Exam Credit   
Morehouse College may award as many as 24 semester hours of credit toward the bachelor's degree.  Morehouse College determines the amount of credit on a subject by subject basis, with the department chair of the academic discipline responsible for determining equivalency.  

Examinations may include the Advanced Placement examinations administered by the College Board, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the American College Testing/Proficiency Examination program (ACT/PEP). Provided that t
here is no duplication of other academic credit, and the scores presented meet Morehouse College standards (department/subject specific).

Advanced placement and college credit may be granted to students who enter Morehouse College directly from a secondary school, on the basis of scores on a College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examination. These examinations are normally administered to eligible high school seniors during the May preceding matriculation in college.

A student intending to transfer AP credit that was awarded at another college or similar institution must have a transcript of those scores sent directly to Morehouse College from the College Board. When those scores have been received, the department chair for the discipline in question will determine whether they meet the standards established at Morehouse College for granting AP credit and how much credit may be awarded.

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