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Educational Programs: Undergraduate:Undergraduate requirements
The institution defines and publishes requirements for its undergraduate programs, including its general education components. These requirements conform to 13 commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.

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Publication of Requirements

The comprehensive listing of undergraduate academic program requirements is published annually in the Morehouse College Course Catalog. The specific items contained in the Catalog include:

These requirements are also available to students on the Morehouse Web site as a part of the on-line Course Catalog.

Assurance of Conformity to Standards and Practices

1. New courses

All new and proposed courses are reviewed and subsequently submitted to the College faculty for approval by the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee. (Also see the response to Standard 3.4.10, Responsibility for Curriculum.) The process for submission includes:

  • Departmental sponsorship
  • Divisional review and approval
  • Campus wide review and approval
  • Sponsorship of the approved curriculum change to the full faculty
  • Recording of programmatic changes, documentation, and discussion in the CEPC minutes.

The full faculty of the College votes on the inclusion of the new or modified course, academic program, or academic structure. The outcome of the proposal is entered into the official minutes of the corresponding faculty meeting. The ratified course, program, or structure is conveyed to the Office of Records and Registration for implementation through the Banner Student Information System.

2. Curriculum Review

The College, through its academic assessment of learning outcomes, annually updates and improves its degree programs. (See response to Standard 3.3.1, Academic Assessment). Furthermore, the College has recently completed a comprehensive program review process for all of its departments and general education, which included an in-depth examination and evaluation of its degree programs and general education requirements. This process also included an evaluation by experts in the field of all aspects of departmental and general education processes, including curricular offerings and degree programs. (See the response to Standard 3.3.1, Comprehensive Program Reviews and External Reviews.) In addition, Chemistry, General Business, and Music, which are accredited by specialized accrediting agencies, provide additional evidence of conformity to acceptable standards. (See reference in the Morehouse Catalog page 13.)

These processes provide assurances that the college is conforming to and exceeding commonly accepted practices for requirements for degree programs.

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