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Student Support Services
The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students.

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Morehouse College recognizes that student services programs are essential to achieving the educational goals of the institution and should contribute to overall growth and development of students. Student support programs, services and activities are intentionally developed to support both intellectual and character development of students. This is consistent with the College’s mission statement, which reads in part:

"As such, the College offers instructional programs in three divisions – business and economics, humanities and social sciences, and science and mathematics -- as well as extracurricular activities that:

  • develop skills in oral and written communications, analytical and critical thinking, and interpersonal relationships;
  • foster an understanding and appreciation of world cultures, artistic and creative expression, and the nature of the physical universe;
  • promote understanding and appreciation of the specific knowledge and skills needed for the pursuit of professional careers and/or graduate study, and;
  • cultivate the personal attributes of self-confidence, tolerance, morality, ethical behavior, spirituality, humility, a global perspective, and a commitment to social justice."

Morehouse promotes an environment that will contribute to the development of men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. Student support services are provided by various offices within the College, and many of theses services address both intellectual and character development of students.

Programs, services, and activities supporting student intellectual and character development may be found throughout Morehouse College. To ensure that students are afforded ample opportunities to receive and participate in such programs, services and activities, there is a certain level of redundancy in offerings. Among these are:

  • Honors Program, Dr. Jocelyn Jackson, Director, highly selective, limited enrollment and special learning opportunities
  • Academic Support Services (refer to standard 3.4.9)
  • Academic Advising (refer to standard 3.4.9)
  • ROTC -- Army ROTC is available to Morehouse students through a cooperative agreement with the Department of the Army and Georgia Institute of Technology. The Atlanta Region Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Unit is comprised of two jointly commanded battalions and is sponsored by Morehouse College and Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel The purpose of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel is to teach excellence, ethics, equality and engagement.

Others programs and activities that support student learning and enhance development include:

  • Office of Career Planning and Placement for Non Business Majors offers a variety of services to assist students and alumni in exploring their career interests, designing effective career strategies, and in identifying the resources, people and organizations that will assist in their selection of a major and ultimately their transition into the workforce.
  • Counseling Resource Center sponsors workshops, seminars and events. Counselors provide support for students in need of individual assistance, and encourage self learning in a confidential environment.
  • Office of Disability Services coordinates support services that are available for Morehouse College students who are disabled.
  • Student Health Services provides students with knowledgeable, experienced practitioners and nursing staff who have demonstrated the ability to expertly care for a wide array of medical conditions.
  • Student Development engages students through strategic integration of co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Housing and Residence Life Programming and Services is responsible for creating student residence environments that support the mission of Morehouse and create an atmosphere that stimulates growth, encourages individual responsibility in decision-making, and provides for the acceptance of others as persons of worth.
  • International Student Services provides overall leadership to the College's international education objectives and assists in creating an institutional culture of internationalism.

Curricular and co-curricular programming is essential to the matriculation of Morehouse College students. The offices of Student ActivitiesRecreation, Intramurals and Fitness, and Student Government Association play an integral role in the development of men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. Students participate in more than 60 clubs and organizations that focus on academic, social, personal, and professional pursuits. Students who are not NCAA athletes can participate in various intramural sports and receive training in officiating in several sports.

Morehouse College has enjoyed overall success in Division II intercollegiate athletics. 

Morehouse College
Men Division II Intercollegiate Sports

Cross Country
Track & Field


Through participation in intercollegiate athletics students are exposed to developing interpersonal relationships, critical thinking, self-confidence, humility, and other important traits. Students are also provided opportunities to work as athletic trainers, assistant coaches, statisticians, and audio and visual producers. Student athletes’ academic performance and progress is closely monitored by the athletic Compliance Officer.

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