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Physical Resources: Control of physical resources
The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources.

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Control of the College's physical resources begins with the Physical Plant Committee of the Board of Trustees of the College. It is a requirement that the Physical Plant Committee review and approve all major capital improvements, property acquisitions or sales, building demolition and landscape modifications.  The Office of Campus Operations and the Office of Business and Finance report to the Physical Plant committee at each Board meeting on fixed asset inventory, deferred maintenance, major repairs, new capital projects, land acquisitions or sales and any outstanding litigation related to the plant.

Most physical resources of the College are managed by Campus Operations, which includes physical plant operations (maintenance, housekeeping, grounds, transportation, access control, and logistics), campus police, telecommunications, environmental health and safety, support services (event management), and executive services.

The Office of Business and Finance manages the fixed asset inventory of the College. The process of adding assets to the College's inventory tracking system includes the tagging of assets valued at $1,000 or higher and computers and other electronic equipment valued less than $1,000.  The Office of Business and Finance deletes items from the tracking system as they are disposed of.  The College's external auditors verify additions and deletions to the College's inventory counts on a periodic basis.  A complete copy of the report is available in the Office of Business and Finance.

Academic and administrative departments publish and manage specific policies and procedures related to certain facilities and equipment utilized by the respective departments; e.g. cellular equipment, telephones or facility use for events or by third parties. Campus Police and the Physical Plant control all access to facilities.

Periodically, Campus Operations commissions a campus-wide facility condition analysis to establish the current level of deferred maintenance. This information informs the College and the board of future financial requirements needed to maintain the plant in good working order.

See Standard 2.11.2 for additional information.

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