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Student Affairs and Services: Student records
The institution protects the security, confidentiality, and integrity of student records and maintains special security measures to protect and back up data.

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The Office of Records and Registration maintains the security of the general student records of the College. As such, systems are established to have the tasks of record retention and destruction, record audits, and the changing of academic history compliant with the standards of our industry. The standards for the maintenance of student records are maintained by The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Morehouse College entrusts the security and storage of other student related records to several entities:

Record Management

The Office of Records and Registration manages the following types of student records:

  • All student academic records,
  • Academic progress towards degrees,
  • Enrollment verifications,
  • Veterans Affairs compliance,
  • Official change of grade reports,
  • Registration verification,
  • College admission applications,
  • Transfer articulation reports and transcripts,
  • Graduation audit and status information

Other records are managed by:

  • The Office of Student Services for all disciplinary items
  • The Office of Campus Police for all criminal records
  • The Office of Health Services for all medical items covered by HIPPA
  • The Office of Counseling Services for all psychological items covered by HIPPA
  • Academic Departments for major specific information

Record Retention and Destruction

Upon entering Morehouse College, a student has a formal student record created. All current files and recent “non current” student files are housed in a secure file room in the Office of Academic Affairs, 325 Gloster Hall. The Office of Records and Registration maintains a secure file room and uses the following measures to ensure security:

  • Swipe card access, with additional pin access required
  • Fire proof filing cabinets (Rated one hour to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, and impact from heights up to 30 feet))
  • Limited access to secured file space (Office of Records and Registration only)

Beginning in the spring of 2005, the majority of student files (archived) were moved to a remote, off-site, storage facility. The Iron Mountain Company currently holds the contract for these services with Morehouse College. This was in accordance with recommendations for long term record retention provided by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Secured shredding includes the retention of the Iron Mountain Company licensed to destroy documents and issue an official certificate of destruction.

Electronic Records

Morehouse College also employs state of the art redundancy in its student information system. This system captures all records pertaining to the admission, enrollment, course selection, course addition and deletion, grading, withdrawal, academic standing, graduation, and demographics for students. The electronic record is the primary platform upon which all other reports, paper files, and paper records are derived. As such, there is a team of individuals, The Banner Team, that is tasked with the upkeep, security, and catastrophic recovery of this system. It is within this team’s purview to publish the procedures for backing up this system, timelines for testing the catastrophic recovery process, and preservation of material in long term storage. Secured shredding includes the retention of the Iron Mountain Company licensed to destroy documents and issue an official certificate of destruction for inventoried items processed. For all items purged from student files (in accordance with the schedules mentioned above) the corresponding certificate of destruction is maintained.

Academic History and Record Audits

Morehouse College student’s records are governed by the statutes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 or FERPA. These rights are provided to students in the Student Handbook. This Act, as amended, established the requirements governing the privacy of student educational records in regards to the release of those records and access to those records. This Act is also known as the Buckley Amendment.
The Act gives four basic rights to students:

  • The right to review their education records;
  • The right to seek to amend their education records;
  • The right to limit disclosure of personally identifiable information (directory information); and
  • The right to notify the Department of Education concerning an academic institution’s failure to comply with FERPA regulations.

FERPA provides for confidentiality of student records; however, it also provides for basic identification of students at Morehouse College without the consent of the individual. Release of information to third parties is limited to directory information (outlined below) without the student’s expressed written permission. Students are notified of their FERPA rights and the procedures for limiting disclosure of directory information in the Morehouse College Course Catalog, at orientation for new students, and on the Web site of the Office of Records and Registration. Directory information is information about a student that is not generally considered harmful if disclosed. Directory information may be disclosed unless the student has invoked the FERPA right to limit disclosure of that information. Directory information includes: Whether the student is enrolled, dates of enrollment, classification, degree earned (if any) and date, major, honors received, weight and height (athletics), most recent previous educational institution attended, participation in school activities and sports.

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