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Student Affairs and Services: Qualified staff
The institution employs qualified personnel to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its student affairs programs.

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Morehouse College Student Services Division is comprised of 64 full-time and 8 part-time professional employees. Depending on the functional level of the position, the employee has to meet the experience and education required through Human Resources.

The organizational chart for Student Services provides insight into the comprehensive nature of student services at Morehouse College.

Morehouse College seeks the most qualified and suitable employees, based upon a competitive search preceding each appointment. Therefore, jobs will be announced, posted, advertised, and filled as indicated by policy.

Position descriptions listing experience and educational requirement are produced for all positions. Examples of job descriptions are provided. One of the goals of Student Services is to professionalize its positions. Residence hall positions have been upgraded to require a master’s in education or related field. A listing of professional staff members and their academic degree(s) is provided.

Morehouse College requires semi-annual and annual performance evaluations of staff members. Specific and measurable goals are established for each staff member prior to the start of each academic year.

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