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Faculty: Faculty role in governance
The institution publishes policies on the responsibility and authority of faculty in academic and governance matters.

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The responsibility of the faculty in governance is published as Chapter 2 “Organization of the Faculty” within the Faculty Handbook. The primary responsibility for the quality of the educational program resides with the faculty. These responsibilities are carried out through meetings of the faculty committees. Faculty also serve on college committees in non-academic areas. All faculty members receive a copy of the Faculty Handbook and bylaws from the office of the provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs.

A more detailed treatment of the governance structure is found within the faculty bylaws, which can be found on the faculty council Web site.

The membership and responsibilities of each committee are listed. Standing committees cover academics, student life, faculty welfare and development. The governance structure at Morehouse includes The Faculty Council, which is the executive committee of the faculty and serves as a conduit between the administration and faculty. It also responds to initiatives from the president and senior vice president. The council prepares action items for approval by the faculty and responds to policy issues raised by faculty members. The standing committees in the governance model at Morehouse include:

  • The Committee on Faculty Welfare
  • The Committee on Research
  • The Committee on Faculty Development
  • The Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy
  • The Committee on Library and Media
  • The Committee on Admissions
  • The Committee on Elections

Other committees include:

  • The Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure
  • The Board of Appeals
  • The Committee on Student Welfare
  • The Committee on Athletics

The faculty also elects two representatives to the Board of Trustees.

The role of the faculty in the process of establishing policies and administering the affairs of Morehouse College is shaped by the concept of shared governance. The faculty play a primary role in decision making regarding the educational program and a secondary role in decision making about educational support services and administrative processes.

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