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Student achievement
The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement, including as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job
placement rates.

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Morehouse does include consideration of course completion rates and job and graduate/professional school placements when evaluating success with respect to student achievement. These are appropriate measures of success relative to the College’s mission.

As published in the
Morehouse College 2006-2008 Catalog, “The mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service.” In order to achieve this mission, “the College offers instructional programs in three divisions—business and economics, humanities and social sciences, and science and mathematics--” that, among other things, “promote understanding and appreciation of the specific knowledge and skills needed for the pursuit of professional careers and/or graduate study…”

The senior vice president for academic affairs obtains a report of
final semester grades distributions, by discipline, which he shares with division deans for monitoring course completion rates. Job and graduate/professional school placement rates for business and economics majors are compiled by the Office of Career Services of the Division of Business Administration and Economics for consideration by the division dean. Placement data for all other students is complied by the Career Planning and Placement Office for Non-Business Majors for consideration by the vice president for student services. Additionally, periodic analyses are done that focus on placements in the sciences—e.g., the Project SPACE Survey.

The strategic planning core committee reviews the graduation rates along, with other measures, in its review of how the College is progressing towards meeting its articulated goals. (See Strategic Plan Progress Reports (2003-2006).)  This review enables members to take a comprehensive look at various outcomes that effect the matriculation of students.

Morehouse has always prided itself in the number of Ph.Ds produced. A comprehensive report details this success.  (See PhD Growth by Alumni Report.)

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