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Governance and Administration: Organizational structure
The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.

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Organizational leadership is vested in the president, who reports directly to the Board of Trustees and serves as its executive agent. The president is empowered to exercise general superintendence over all affairs of the College and has primary responsibility for ensuring that Board policies and decisions are properly implemented in support and advancement of the College’s mission. As such, the president has organized the management of the institution under vice presidential units, each of which bears responsibility for implementing polices and procedures in key areas of the College. The vice presidential areas are: Academic Affairs; Business and Finance; Campus Operations; Institutional Advancement; Administrative and Legal Services; and Student Services. The general duties of each vice president are described in the faculty and staff  handbooks and are generally stated as follows:

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
. The senior vice president for academic affairs is the chief academic officer (CAO) and the chief operating officer (COO) of the College. As CAO, the senior vice president has overall responsibility for all matters related to the quality of the educational program- i.e. student learning, faculty, curricula, admissions and records, research, and special academic programs. The senior vice president for academic affairs is also responsible for implementation of faculty actions that are approved by the president and the Board of Trustees. As COO, the senior vice president oversees all College operations and ensures their consistency with the College’s mission, academic goals and priorities. The senior vice president for academic affairs serves as chief officer of the administration during the absences of the president.

Vice President for Business and Finance. As the College’s chief financial officer (CFO), the vice president for business and finance is responsible for finance and investments, financial analysis, reporting, planning and budgeting. The CFO is also responsible for the controllership and accounting functions; student financial services; financial systems; financial aid; and treasury-related functions (e.g., payroll, cashiering, collections, receivables and payables, cash management, and banking relationships). The CFO manages internal funds and oversees the management of external financing strategies.

Vice President for Administrative Services and General Counsel. The vice president for administrative services and general counsel serves as the senior administrator responsible for managing administrative services and the College’s legal affairs. The vice president provides legal advice to the Board of Trustees, the president and other senior administrators. This vice president also oversees the functional areas of information technology, strategic planning, human resources and institutional research.

Vice President for Campus Operations. The vice president for campus operations has primary responsibility for the areas of security, physical plant operations, and telecommunications. This vice president is the College’s primary liaison with external contractors and, in conjunction with the vice president for business and finance, is responsible for long-range property acquisitions.

Vice President for Institutional Advancement. The vice president for institutional advancement is responsible for generating financial resources for the achievement of the College’s mission. The vice president is responsible for planning and executing capital and other major gift initiatives. Serving in this capacity, the vice president recommends cultivation and solicitation strategies for the overall institutional advancement programs; manages the production of fund raising publications; conducts prospect research and maintains databases on potential donors. The vice president oversees alumni and corporate relations, communications, and government relations.

Vice President of Student Services. The vice president of student services is responsible for student welfare, conduct, activities and health services; housing and residential life; off-campus student affairs, Greek and international student organizations and athletics. The vice president works to establish an environment that creates opportunities for ongoing learning as part of a student’s academic, personal and social development; expends and encourages supplemental cultural and intellectual enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom; provides opportunities for informal interactions among faculty and students outside the classroom; and encourages development of attitudes and conduct that are appropriate for a communal academic environment.

The organizational chart reflects the units reporting through each vice presidential area. This chart is published in the faculty and staff handbooks. The organizational chart is updated whenever there is administrative realignment of functions.

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