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Faculty: Faculty evaluation
The institution regularly evaluates the effectiveness of each faculty member in accord with published criteria, regardless of contractual or tenured status.

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The College has in place policies to evaluate the effectiveness of its faculty. Theses policies are published in the Faculty Handbook.  Two evaluation processes are described:

  • an annual evaluation to assess the quality and effectiveness of performance of each full-time faculty and
  • a milestone evaluation for tenure-track faculty (third-year review) to assess their satisfactory progress towards tenure and to support reappointment or termination decision.

There is no written policy for the annual evaluation of individuals used as part-time faculty to the College. However, these individuals are evaluated each semester by the chair of their department for effectiveness of performance using the same criteria described for full-time faculty.

The policy for the annual evaluation of faculty describes the purpose of the evaluation process, that is, to identify and encourage outstanding performance in teaching, research, and service. The evaluation criteria and procedure are delineated in the Faculty Handbook. It describes an assessment mechanism that attempts to maximize the performance of the faculty by involving the faculty and the chair of the department in developing a mutually agreed-on evaluation plan at the start of every academic year that meets the professional needs of the faculty, and the mission of the department, and the College. The evaluation process also includes Fall and Spring semester and peer evaluations of each faculty.  The evaluation instruments used are defined by the institution, in reference to evaluation of the faculty by students in their respective classes, and by the departments as they pertain to peer evaluations and effectiveness in the classroom.

The evaluation process is used as a feedback mechanism for improvement and encouragement of the faculty member’s teaching performance and long-term professional growth in their progress towards tenure and promotion and annual merit increases. While the evaluation policy is written for the College’s full-time faculty, the description is generic and is applied to all of its faculty regardless of contractual or tenure status. 

The faculty evaluation is administered by the chair of the department.  The evaluations are then submitted to the dean of the division, who in turn files a copy with the senior vice president for academic affairs.

To ensure teaching effectiveness, the faculty evaluations administered are used as feedback information to encourage teaching excellence and individual professional development. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in student learning workshops held at the College and/or at colloquia directed to this effort. Workshop participation and implementation of student learning methodologies learned are noted and used in the faculty member’s annual evaluation process.

Tenure-track faculty are issued a three-year contract. At the end of the second semester of their third year the faculty is submitted to a third-year review, to determine if the faculty is making satisfactory progress toward the tenure decision. This review is conducted by the departmental Reappointments and Promotion Committee (RPC) and is used as a diagnostic for enhancing the faculty professional growth and development.  The review assesses the growth of the faculty over the three-year period.  If the review is favorable, the RPC recommend reappointment and the process is repeated for the next three years or until the faculty applies for tenure, not to exceed a total of nine years. If a faculty review is unfavorable, a one-year non-tenure-track recommendation is submitted by departmental RPC.  Each recommendation is submitted through the division dean to the senior vice president of Academic Affairs. (See Reappointment Policies and Procedures.)

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