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Acceptance of Academic Credit
The institution has a defined and published policy for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, experiential learning, advanced placement, and professional certificates that is consistent with its mission and ensures that course work and learning outcomes are at the collegiate level and comparable to the institution’s own degree programs. The institution assumes responsibility for the academic quality of any course work or credit recorded on the institution’s transcript.

Off-site Preliminary Judgment
  Compliant      Non-Compliant      Not Applicable


Policies with regard to CLEP, experiential learning and professional certificates are addressed.

College’s Response:

Morehouse may award as many as 24 hrs of credit toward the bachelor’s degree from the following: Credit by examination, Advance Placement Credit, and CLEP Credit. The minimum passing score for approved CLEP exams is 50. The College does not have a policy for awarding experiential learning; however, faculty may incorporate experiential learning, employment, volunteer service, or life experiences into courses and weigh these experiences when assigning grades for the course.

Morehouse College does not have a policy for the awarding of professional certificates. Although, a professional certificate is planned for the QEP, it has not been determined if this certificate will be transcipted. If so, a policy will be created to approve this certificate.

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