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Consortia relationships/contractual agreements
The institution ensures the quality of educational programs and courses offered through consortia relationships or contractual agreements, ensures ongoing compliance with the comprehensive requirements, and evaluates the consortial relationship and/or agreement against the purpose of the institution.

Off-site Preliminary Judgment
  Compliant      Non-Compliant      Not Applicable



Documentation is provided demonstrating the evaluation of dual degree engineering programs, and the art program with Spelman College.

Dual Degree Programs are reviewed annually as a part of a report created by the Atlanta University Center Dual Degree Engineering Program, the Center consortium organization, which includes Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Spelman College. The College did not have a copy of the 2006-2007 annual report at the time of its initial response to this standard. Further, the Physics Department undertook an independent review of dual degree programs under it’s auspices, and prepared a 2008 report.

The Art Program at Spelman College has been evaluated in the following way. Morehouse officials requested the recent Spelman College self study of the Art Department, which was evaluated by the Dean of Humanites and Social Sciences. Morehouse students enrolled in the art department at Spelman was also given an opinion survey.
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