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Educational Programs: All:Noncredit to credit
The institution awards academic credit for course work taken on a noncredit basis only when
there is documentation that the noncredit course work is equivalent to a designated credit experience.

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Coursework that is taken on a non-credit basis only receives consideration for credit when one of the following situations is present:

  • Prior arrangements are in place for the educational experience to count as fulfilling a course requirement at Morehouse College.
  • Upon consultation with a department chair responsible for the academic discipline appropriate for the coursework, it is determined that the coursework is equivalent to an existing course.
  • The coursework in question is part of an established and recognized Morehouse College program (education abroad, departmental research, domestic exchange, etc).

The process of evaluating this type of experience is not new to the College; however, the written policy governing its parameters has just been submitted. Loosely based on the transfer credit policy, (see Standard 3.4.4) the evaluation of noncredit work is unique.

Proposed policy guidelines for the evaluation of non-academic expereince for credit submitted to the Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy (CEPC) October 2007: Although each consideration for credit is unique, each case would follow the general steps outlined below:

  1. Student would initiate the request for granting of credit for a non-credit course.
  2. The request would be reviewed by the department chair of the academic discipline that the course falls within.
  3. The department chair would review the course content for comparability with like courses at the College.
  4. The department chair would verify stated learing outcomes based on course descriptions, instructor evaluations, student’s graded work, or assessment assignments given by the department chair to the student.
  5. The department chair would write his final decision for the granting of credit based on the above information.
  6. The final determination from the department chair would then be translated into a final posting of grade within the Banner Student Information System.



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