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Student Support Services
The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students.

Off-site Preliminary Judgment
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The College reviewed its student support services programs with respect to the College’s mission statement; in particular, those sections of the college’s mission that relate to extracurricular programming that promote student learning and enhance the development of students. These learning outcome goals were then linked to specific student support service programs, shown how they were assessed, and how the use of findings was used to improve programming. Since General Education share some of these learning outcome goals it was shown how these shared goals are interrelated, and how their assessment as a part of general education strengthens the analysis. Documentation is also provided which attest to the effectiveness of student support programming.

The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students.
The mission of Morehouse College, in part, is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. Through various campus programs, services, and activities, Morehouse realizes its mission by emphasizing the intellectual and character development of its students. These extracurricular programs are guided and planned by the four goals cited in the mission statement which are:

1. Develop skills in oral and written communications, analytical and critical thinking, and interpersonal relationships

2. Foster an understanding and appreciation of world cultures, artistic and creative expression, and the nature of the physical universe

3. Promote understanding and appreciation of the specific knowledge and skills needed for the pursuit of professional careers and graduate study

4. Cultivate the personal attributes of self-confidence, tolerance, morality, ethical behavior, spirituality, humility, a global perspective, and a commitment to social justice

“The College seeks students who are willing to carry the torch of excellence and who are willing to pay the price of gaining strength and confidence by confronting adversity, mastering their fears, and achieving success by earning it. “ This development process begins with the New Student Orientation Program (NSO) and continues throughout the students’ matriculation at the College. During NSO students are introduced to the core values of the College, which are trust, community, civility, respect, compassion, integrity, honesty, spirituality, and accountability. These values are embedded in the programs, activities, and services of the Division that foster intellectual and character development, however; there is overlap with Academic Support Services (see standard 3.4.9).

The Division of Student Services (DSS) has the primary responsibility for many of the support programs and activities outside the classroom . As stated in the Division’s mission, the “DSS plays an integral role in supporting and implementing the core values of the College, as well as intellectual and character development of students. The Division facilitates learning through collaborations with curricular, co-curricular programs, and the broader community to foster a safe, inclusive and culturally diverse environment.”

Student Support Programs

Through collaborations and partnerships with general education, majors, centers, institutes, and the wider college community, the DSS is able to implement support programs to promote student learning and enhance the development of students. The Division’s offices and units are:

Counseling Resource Center (CRC). The CRC enhances the Morehouse mission by fostering the growth and development of each student through collaborations with students, student organizations, faculty, and administration. The Center provides psychosocial educational workshops, seminars, and training for students, faculty and staff. Services such as study skills training, time management, stress management, and peer education programs like smoking cessation, anti-drinking and driving, and suicide prevention link curricular and co-curricular activities to learning. Joint efforts are made between the Center and the Freshman Class Dean, the Freshman Class Pilot Program, the Honors Program, Residential Services, and the Retention Committee. External evaluations provide feedback on overall Center effectiveness.

Office of Student Conduct (OSC). The OSC promotes and preserves an orderly campus environment to exercise proper control over disciplinary matters, and to implement established conduct procedures in matters affecting all students accused of violating College policies, rules and regulations.

The OSC initiates the student grievance process. The Grievance Procedure Policy is posted in the student handbook on the Morehouse website. Students are apprised of the grievance process during New Student Orientation and regular residential life meetings. Students are also informed of the grievance process through the General Education’s Advising Syllabus and the Academic Advisement Handbook for Advisors.

Office of International Student Services (OISS). The OISS is dedicated to furthering the internationalization of Morehouse College. The central focus is international students, and the enhancement of diversity, international articulation, and understanding among various cultures.

More specifically, the OISS serves the special needs of international students, assisting with immigration-related regulations and procedures and disseminating information on the maintenance of status. The OISS is also responsible for the College’s reporting in SEVIS, and serves as the campus resource for issues related to international students.

Office of Housing and Residential Life (OHRL). The OHRL is committed to developing a safe and inclusive residential community that assists in fostering the development of each student. Programming, services and policies are intentionally designed to facilitate intellectual and personal growth, cultural awareness and appreciation, social responsibility, ethical leadership and academic excellence. Goals of Housing and Residence Life include strengthening training and development of all staff.

Office of Student Life (OSL) (formerly Office of Student Development) provides a theoretical framework and experiential opportunities structured toward the personal growth of each student beyond the classroom. This is demonstrated by the Student Success Plan, which is a comprehensive four-year strategy to enhance the development of students by way of co-curricular educational programming, peer mentoring and community service. Goals would include providing small group interactive experiences and support of the Bonner Office of Community Service and the Leadership Center at Morehouse College.

Student Health Center (SHL). The SHL provides medical assistance, assessments and referrals for Morehouse students. These services include treatment for general health care. Student Health Services promotes student awareness of HIV Aids, Diabetes, STD’s, and other health issues via educational literature, and individual counseling with a healthcare professional.

Office of Career Planning and Placement for Non Business Majors (OCPP). The OCPP offers a variety of services to assist students and alumni in exploring their career interests, designing effective career strategies identifying the resources, people and organizations that will assist in their selection of a major and ultimately their transition into the workforce.

The OCPP enhances learning by providing experiential and educational opportunities focused on career and professional development. These services are available to all students. Emphasis is placed heavily on the freshman class through the Pilot Program, the Freshman Class Dean, and New Student Orientation.

Office of Disability Services (ODS). The ODS provides assessments and accommodations for students with documented physical, emotional, or academic disabilities. ODS also provides success workshops, coaching and promotes self-advocacy for students. In addition, identification of learning styles and teaching compensatory strategies for students with disabilities enhance the teacher learning enterprise for students with disabilities.

Office Recreation, Intramurals and Fitness (RIF). The RIF is a student-centered comprehensive department that strives to provide learning, recreation and social opportunities for students, faculty and staff. RIF promotes a well-balanced healthy lifestyle through recreation sports, educational seminars, and fitness activities for the Morehouse community.

Office of Special Events (OSE). The OSE encourages and promotes the development of the well-rounded student by offering co-curricular activities that expose students to social values of etiquette, cultural education, social engagement, and an appreciation for the performing arts.

Department of Athletics (DA). Athletics are an essential part of the overall educational experience at Morehouse College. The College provides a comprehensive and diverse athletics program, offering opportunities to all interested students.

The Athletics Department is committed to providing a vigorous intercollegiate sports program that encourages physical fitness, achievement and fellowship.

The Morehouse athletics philosophy is identical to the College’s mission of continuing the long tradition of producing outstanding leaders. Exceptional coaching and training facilities provide a setting in which student-athletes can fully develop as players and individuals.

Evaluation of Student Support Programs

Student service departments were evaluated as a part of the comprehensive program review process, which included a program review, an external review and a follow-up report. (see standard 2.5)

Assessment of student learning outcomes

The impact of student support services is evidenced in the assessment of three goals derived from the College’s mission and core values, and extended in its approach to general education. The assessment of each outcome is delineated in a chart, which includes the responsible office, performance criteria, measurement instrument, findings, results, action taken, and use of findings. Further, the corresponding general education goal was assessed as a part of the general education assessment program (see standard 3.5.1)

1. To collaborate with general education ( see general education goal 2 and general education outcomes) to enhance and develop interpersonal relationships.


1.1 Contribute to overall general education “student profile model for student development” by way of diagnostic assessment.

1.2 Contribute to overall character development of the student.

1.3 Disseminate information on the code of conduct within and outside the campus community.

2. To collaborate with general education
(see general education goal 3 and general education outcomes) and the majors to foster an understanding and an appreciation of world cultures.


2.1 Broaden cultural awareness of a diverse global community.

2.2 Recognize diverse cultures and religions and enhance the appreciation of the interdependence of cultures and nations.

2.3 Promote cultural awareness through events and programs sponsored by student organizations.

3. To collaborate with general education (see general education goal 4 and general education outcomes), majors, institutes, centers and the wider college community to cultivate personal attributes of self-confidence, tolerance, morality, ethical behavior, spirituality, humility, a global perspective, and a commitment to social justice.


3.1 Foster ethical behavior, social responsibility and character development through sponsored programs and activities.

3.2 Enhance self-confidence, tolerance, and a global perspective through coordinated programs.

3.3 Enhance spirituality, humility and a commitment to social justice through mentoring programs with faculty, staff, alumni and the wider college community.

Other programs and activities which impact student learning and contribute to the development of students are:

§ Learning Resource Center

§ Trio Programs

§ The Bonner Community Service Program

§ The Leadership Center

§ The Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel

§ The Andrew Young Center for International Affairs

Note: the links to the above programs are to their comprehensive program review documents.

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