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Educational Programs: All:Responsibility for curriculum
The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum with its faculty.

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The curriculum offerings at Morehouse College evolve primarily from individual departments in concert with division dynamics. To this end, each academic department, as well as affiliated programs, have mission statements that drive specific course offerings.  (See Departmental Comprehensive Program reviews for mission statements.)

Pivotal to the faculty’s responsibility for the curriculum, all departments have completed a comprehensive program review as well as external review.

The general format for curriculum development is at the departmental level. Each department has a curriculum committee which arrives at the development of a new course, a modification of an existing course or a program (i.e. major, minor). The departmental curriculum committee is comprised of tenure track faculty members. These proposals are developed according to a template provided by the campus wide “Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (CEPC). The next step in the approval process is the divisional curriculum committee. Its composition is determined by the dean of the division and represents a cross-section of the division departments. The CEPC then receives approved proposals from the division curriculum committee. These proposals are considered by the CEPC whose membership is faculty elected with equitable divisional representation. The CEPC is also chaired by a faculty member.

The proposals approved by the CEPC are presented at campus-wide faculty meetings. The proposals are presented to the faculty by the chair of the CEPC. The president of the College handles the faculty vote for proposal approval. (See the CEPC minutes in Standard 3.4.1.)

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