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The number of full-time faculty members is adequate to support the mission of the institution and to ensure the quality and integrity of its academic programs.

Upon application for candidacy, an applicant institution demonstrates that it meets the comprehensive standard for faculty qualifications.

  Compliant      Non-Compliant      Not Applicable


Morehouse employs 161 full-time faculty and 75 part time faculty. The percentage of part-time faculty is 32%.  All faculty appointments are defined in the Faculty Handbook.  Eighty-five percent of the Morehouse faculty have the terminal degree.

Regarding the adequacy (quality and integrity) of the faculty to support the mission, the College has recently reviewed faculty requirements in each department as a part of the comprehensive program review process (Section IV A. Faculty).  An analysis of faculty requirements was recently presented to the Board of Trustees in its consideration of the size of the College in the future.

Comparatively, the Morehouse student – full-time faculty ratio is 15:1, which compares favorably to its benchmark institutions who consider themselves liberal arts institutions.

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