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Physical Resources: Institutional environment
The institution takes reasonable steps to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all members of the campus community.

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The college provides a healthy, safe and secure environment for the campus community through departments within the Office of Campus Operations.  The units primarily responsible include:

  • Campus Police Department
  • Environmental Health and Safety Office
  • Physical Plant Department

Our Campus Police Department, comprised of 40 employees ranging from officers, security personnel and administrative associates, serves and protects our students, faculty and staff on a daily basis, providing 24 hour policing of our campus. Campus Police monitors a 24-hour hotline for students and others with an emergency. Campus Police also patrols the campus by foot and monitor guard booths at the two main entrances of campus, 24 hours daily. Morehouse College takes additional measures to monitor the safety of facilities through fire alarm systems and video camera surveillance monitored by Campus Police. Furthermore, all campus dormitory entrances are equipped with card access or key locks, and parking permits are required for all campus parking lots. Emergency Call Boxes have been strategically placed in areas where there is major pedestrian traffic allowing for access to Campus Police in times of an emergency. All emergency calls originating from an Emergency Call Box are broadcast to all officers on duty at the time of the emergency through their respective handheld walkie-talkies, helping to increase response times.  Additional information regarding the College’s Campus Police Department is on the College’s Web site.

Campus Police also release periodic notifications and warnings of possible criminal activity or other safety concerns around the campus. The Campus Crime Statistics, released every August, present all of the previous school years reported criminal incidents. The statistics are available via the Office of Postsecondary Education’s Web site.

The Environmental Health and Safety Officer is responsible for development, implementation, management and compliance of the College’s environmental health and safety programs required by federal or state regulations or required by policies mandated by Morehouse College. In addition, the environmental health and safety officer performs internal audits and inspects system components for compliance with health and safety policies and regulations. The major activities of the Environmental Health and Safety program include:

Annually, the Environmental Health and Safety Officer, Project Director of Campus Operations, Campus Police and Physical Plant review and release a Campus Emergency Action Plan, which includes evacuation procedures in time of an emergency. A draft of the Emergency Action Plan is attached.  The final document will be available for review in Campus Operations by January 2008.

The Physical Plant Department works to maintain the buildings and grounds on campus on a daily basis. Through the Work Order Tracking System, Physical Plant is able to address concerns regarding regular maintenance and minor repairs to facilities. Faculty, staff or students, may send work orders by email to, or by phone. Physical Plant is responsible for cleaning, repairing and maintaining all facilities and grounds, overseeing construction projects, and retaining all historical documentation on existing infrastructures. In order to maintain a clean, comfortable environment on campus, the Physical Plant negotiates contracts for services, such as housekeeping and landscaping, with janitorial and landscaping companies.

With respect to fire safety, the Physical Plant routinely conducts building inspections and tests of fire alarm systems, portable fire extinguishers, fire pumps and sprinkler systems, handicap doors, emergency exit doors, elevators, kitchen hood systems, emergency exit lights, and smoke detector devices to verify for compliance with federal and state fire codes.

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