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Educational Programs: All:Academic support services
The institution provides appropriate academic support services.

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Morehouse College provides an array of academic support services for its students and faculty. These support services strengthen students’ skills and abilities that enable them to succeed in their academic coursework. Collectively, they show how effective advisement and counseling, extracurricular assistance, information technology, and specialized programming all contribute to enhancing the academic environment and enable the College to meet and exceed its commitment to students as expressed in the college’s mission statement. Additional context for this standard is provided in Standard 2.10, Student Support Services.

1. Academic Advisement

The College’s policy and procedure for academic advisement is stated in the
Morehouse College Catalog, and covers the advisement of freshmen and upperclassmen in the academic majors. Academic advisement of undecided majors and “students at risk” are assigned to the Freshmen Class Dean.

2. Counseling

The Counseling Center provides academic support through counseling, assessments, accommodations and career planning and placement. Individual/personal counseling provides the basis for students to better understand themselves and developmental issues that may sometimes impede academic success. Identification of learning styles and teaching compensatory strategies for students with disabilities enhance the teacher-learning enterprise for students with challenges. Specific program modifications allow challenged students to become actively involved in the educational process. By taking responsibility for academic and social integrations, students with physical or learning challenges learn how to promote independence and self-sufficiency. (See Standard 2.10, Counseling Resource Center Services.)

3. Academic (Extra-curricular) Assistance

The College provides a variety of Centers, Programs and Institutes, which provide “value added” assistance to its academic programs.  

Andrew Young Center for International Affairs 
Bonner Office of Community Service 
Career Counseling for Business Majors 
Center for Teacher Preparation 
        Honors Program 
Leadership Center 
        Learning Resource Center 
Martin Luther King Chapel 
Morehouse Research Institute 
        Office of Research Careers 
Public Health Sciences Institute 

4. Information Technology

The college provides appropriate information technology resources in support of its academic program. (See Standard 3.4.12, Technology Use.)

5. Office of Special Academic Programs

The Office of Special Academic Programs provides a variety of academic services to students, including the college wide tutorial program, scholarships internships and fellowships, and new student orientation. (See the
Office of Special Academic Programs Comprehensive Review.)

6. Office of Freshman Class Dean

The Office of the Freshman Class Dean provides critical advisement, retention and intervention services for students. (See the
Office of Freshman Class Dean Comprehensive Review.)

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