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Student complaints
The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints. (See Commission policy “Complaint Procedures for the Commission or its Accredited Institutions.”)

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Morehouse College publishes and makes available to the campus community a statement of student grievance procedures.

Morehouse College seeks to cultivate an academic village that encourages tolerant, respectful and non-discriminatory behavior for all of its inhabitants. An environment that promotes communication, fairness and deference amongst students, faculty, staff and administration is the highest priority to the College. To ensure that their behaviors are appropriately facilitated, Morehouse College has instituted such policies that provide a medium for resolving discrepancies of any nature.

  • The expression of the grievance may be verbal or written using an approved format issued by the Office of Student Services.
  • The process of execution of a grievance may be of a formal resolution procedure or an informal resolution procedure with a contingency of transposition.
  • A grievance may also be co-authored if there is a circumstance that affects more than one student. Confidential grievances are maintained in the Office of Campus Conduct, 200 Kilgore Hall. 

Partial Compliance Recommendations

The student complaint process described in the narrative is an official policy of the College. However, it has not been implemented. In other words, there have bee no student complaints handled pursuant to the policy. While there have been student complaints since the policy has been in effect, these have been handled informally. Our plan is to apprise students of the policy during new student orientation and through the Morehouse Web site. 

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