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Title IV program responsibilities
The institution is in compliance with its program responsibilities under Title IV of the 1998 Higher Education Amendments. (In reviewing the institution’s compliance with these program responsibilities, the Commission relies on documentation forwarded to it by the U.S. Secretary of Education.)

  Compliant      Non-Compliant      Not Applicable


Morehouse College has received formal approval to participate in Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid Programs.  This approval was received in July 2003 and is effective through March 31, 2009. With its formal approval, Morehouse received its Eligibility and Certification Approval Report and Program Participation Agreement. Morehouse College has not been placed on the reimbursement method, nor has the college been required to obtain a letter of credit in favor of the Department of Education. There are not currently any unresolved issues or findings with the Department of Education.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary of Education, United States Department of Education.

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