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Educational Programs: All:Consortia relationships/contractual aggreements
The institution ensures the quality of educational programs and courses offered through consortia relationships or contractual agreements, ensures ongoing compliance with the comprehensive requirements, and evaluates the consortial relationship and/or agreement against the purpose of the institution.

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Morehouse College has officially approved the following consortia relationships where educational programs and courses are offered:

Atlanta University Consortium

Morehouse is a member of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, which includes Clark Atlanta University; the Interdenominational Theological Center, and Spelman College. The agreement within the consortia allows Morehouse students to take courses at any of the institutions that are a part of the consortia. 
This agreement is reviewed
periodically by the Council of Presidents.

Morehouse has entered into a special arrangement with Spelman College to offer courses leading to majors in Art, Drama and Education.  (See the Education Program Evaluation Report and the Professional Standards Commission Evaluation Report.)

Dual Degree Engineering Programs

Morehouse has agreements with engineering schools,
which allows students from Morehouse to obtain a baccalaureate degree at Morehouse and a baccalaureate degree in engineering after completing 3 years at Morehouse, followed by 2 years at the engineering college (Dual Degree Program). These programs are reviewed/evaluated periodically as a part of the comprehensive program review process, including the NASA program, which services many students who are dual degree engineering majors. These consortial arrangements are reviewed periodically.  (See program evaluations below.)

Partial Compliance Recommendations

The College‚Äôs consortial relationships with engineering schools who accept Morehouse students as dual degree students have not been evaluated. Our plan is to send each school by the end of this semester, which has enrolled Morehouse students within the last five years, an evaluation instrument.  Evaluation of Art will also be completed by the end of this semester.

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