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Library and Other Learning Resources: Learning/information resources
The institution provides facilities and learning/information resources that are appropriate to support its teaching, research, and service mission.

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The Robert W. Woodruff Library was constructed in 1982. It is a 220,000 square foot facility with three levels and a capacity for 1,800 seats. The Library provides 136 closed carrels for faculty and graduate students and 200 public workstations available to all. There is also a computer lab and three classrooms for instruction. The Library is an attractive, open building with sufficient seating. A wireless environment is accommodated throughout all areas of the building.

The Library is seeking funding to develop a plan to update the interior spaces of the facility, creating spaces more suitable for the widespread uses of information technology and collaborative teaching and learning. The Library engaged a nationally known architectural firm, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, that is working with library staff to develop a conceptual plan with associated costs. Representing faculty, the Chair of the Library Advisory Committee is on the Library’s Building Task Force. The Building Taskforce Roster is attached.

The Library provides a full range of services on site and via the Web. Hours of operation are for the convenience of the student population, with the Library providing access to physical resources over a 94.5 hour week during the regular academic year. Effective Spring term 2006, the Library’s hours of operation were extended in response to the needs expressed by Woodruff Library users casually and in formal survey instruments and the recommendations of Library personnel. The change, represented by earlier opening hours, is in consideration of student’s need for access prior to the start of classes each day and for earlier access on Sundays. The hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30* a.m. – Midnight
Friday : 7:30* a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: Noon – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: Noon – Midnight

Between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m., Monday thru Friday, *user-initiated services are available. These services include:

  • Access to the Library’s electronic resources and online catalog
  • The ability to place interlibrary loan requests online
  • The ability to check circulation records
  • Internet access
  • Wireless access
  • Word processing
  • Copying and printing
  • Quiet study

In addition to extending regular hours, for the 2006-2007 academic year, the library extended hours of operation during reading periods and piloted operating on a twenty-four hour basis during the midterm and final exam period. This was also in response to student requests making the Library available for longer periods of time. The twenty-four hour operations period was expanded in the Fall 2007 term to include the week prior to as well as the week of exams. Twenty-four hour operations increased from 3 days to six days across the reading and exam period for the 2007-2008 school year.

The Library also established “quiet zones.” On each level of the library building, areas have been designated for quiet study, cell phone use and group study is discouraged in these zones. Again, the quiet zones recognize the needs expressed by users while also acknowledging trends in communication patterns.

Among the user services provided are reference (see Information & Research Services Reference Statistics FY2006-2007); circulation (see Circulation Statistics FY2006-2007); reserves; interlibrary loan (see Interlibrary Loan Statistics FY2006-2007); orientation and instruction; collection development; periodicals and documents services. In addition to these functional areas, the Library has two service centers to specifically address the needs of students and faculty in the schools/departments of education and business administration and management, the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) and the Dow Jones Resource Center (DJRC). Library objectives for both the CMC and the DJRC include delivery of information rich services that are in keeping with member institutions programs in business and education.

Established in 1996 by a grant from Dow Jones Corporation, the Dow Jones Resource Center (DJRC) is a resource area for business and economics students and faculty at Morehouse College and supports the participants of its Leadership Center, as well as the other member institutions of the Atlanta University Center. The DJRC features a comprehensive suite of blue chip electronic business resources including: Bloomberg, Hoovers, Factiva, ValueLine, Investext Plus, Mergent, and Standard and Poor’s Netadvantage. Students and faculty have access to real time and historical data from publicly traded and privately held corporations. Analyst reports, industry reports, financial figures, and government filings are among the comprehensive range of information available through the Dow Jones Resource Center.

Archives and Special Collections is a non-circulating collection of over 20,000 publications documenting the history and culture of people of African descent. The primary focus of the collection is the African American experience. In addition, there are significant holdings on African and Caribbean history, politics, literature, and art. The core of the holdings in Special Collections is built upon books from the Atlanta University Trevor Arnett Library’s Negro Collection. Additional books were selected from the libraries of the other AUC schools. New books for the collection are acquired through the library’s acquisitions budget and gifts from individuals and organizations.

The Archives' collections document the life and culture of African Americans, particularly in the southeastern United States. Collections emphasizing the areas of education; literature; politics; government; social work; civil rights and race relations are among the holdings. Collections include: the Countee Cullen/Harold Jackman Memorial Collection and Hoyt Fuller Papers that focus on black contributions to literature and the arts; the civil rights organizations Commission on Interracial Cooperation, Southern Regional Council, and Southern Conference for Human Welfare; and the Freedmen's Aid Society, Southern Education Foundation, and United Negro College Fund, all of which document African American education. In addition, RWWL serves as the custodian for the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. CollectionAs custodian, the Archives and Special Collections department will be responsible for housing, processing, and describing this rich collection of resources.

In addition, the Archives help preserve and make available documents of historical value by and about the institutions and individuals affiliated with the Atlanta University Center. Such materials include manuscripts and publications of Morehouse College as well as the other AUC institutions, and material donated by alumni, administrators, faculty, and students and an Archives and Special Collections Department.

The RWWL Information Technology department supports all information technology applications in the Library and is responsible for integrating and networking of the Library management system, Ex Libris - Voyager, the Library Web site, computer and training labs, and other applications employing current technologies (e.g. EZproxy, Illiad, etc.) The IT department supports 200 public and 85 staff computers (total of 285) and manages the online help desk, three electronic classrooms and one computing lab. The Library director, deputy director, and CIOs meet monthly with the Morehouse College CIO to address common agenda issues and library needs. Additionally, the Library has two Sony PCS-1600 videoconferencing systems installed. The systems are configured to make and receive calls via ISDN lines. Bellsouth has provided six ISDN lines so that each videoconferencing system can be used simultaneously, connecting with three of the ISDN lines to get 384 kbps bandwidth for full motion video.

The library migrated to the Voyager Library management system during the Summer of 2004 and has all modules in production to include Circulation, Cataloging, Serials, Acquisitions and the Web-based catalog, “WOODI. The Voyager system provides users with relevance ranked keyword searching, parallel searching across other libraries’ databases and access to electronic journals and URL links straight from the catalog screen. Search results can be printed, saved to disk or emailed to a user’s account for later reference. At any authorized Voyager PC, library users may view their individual accounts, verifying items checked out, holds placed or fines accumulated. The Voyager system replaces the PALS system, originally installed in 1992. With this system now in place, the library can begin to deploy other technological applications that will further enhance the delivery of physical and virtual services to its constituency on and off campus grounds.

Remote access to virtual resources for students and faculty is provided through the ezProxy Server, administered by the Library’s Information Technology department. This greatly enhances access to library acquisitions and to resources of GALILEO, The GALILEO, Georgia Virtual Library.

The improvement of service is an essential way to reach and serve the students and faculty of Morehouse College. In 2003, the Library received a $100,000 grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources to assist in a services redesign project. The Library engaged a consulting firm, Caleris Consulting, to facilitate the project, called Project First Choice. The project was carried out from January to June, 2004; most of the library staff participated in at least one of the phases of the project. Project First Choice identified four high priority service improvements. Action plans were developed and implementation completed.  In 2006, the library developed its 2006-2009 strategic planning document. The plan is based on the 2006 Board of Trustee priorities and was formulated at staff strategic planning retreat. Actions are now underway to carry out those strategic initiatives.


Unlike colleges and universities, academic libraries do not have an accrediting body. Academic librarians in such institutions typically receive degrees from accredited schools of library and information science; the American Library Association is the accrediting body for schools of library and information science. However, the Library has been evaluated on its ability to provide access to resources which support the teaching, research and service function of its member institutions through the responses it has submitted to its member institutions on accreditation and program reviews. For example, the library received positive feedback on its resources, services, and collections from the documentation submitted in support of Clark Atlanta University’s re-affirmation, as well as from Spelman College’s accreditation visit for education with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

With regard to Morehouse College, the Library responded to the National Association of Schools of Music accreditation review in the Spring of 2006. In August 2006, the Library received feedback from the Chair of the Morehouse College Department of Music, Dr. Uzee Brown, Jr., on the committee’s review of its resources, services and collections. In that feedback, the following was stated: “In the resulting Visitor’s Report, which is part of the materials considered by the Commission on Standards, the library was rated as ‘outstanding.’”

These evaluations provide evidence of the adequacy of the Library’s ability to support the teaching, research, and service function at Morehouse College. In addition, a review of the Library’s catalog provides evidence of resource availability.

The resources acquired directly by the Robert W. Woodruff Library, combined with the wealth of resources that undergraduate and graduate students and faculty can use as a result of the library’s consortial relationships ensure that relevant and appropriate access to resources is provided. The Robert W. Woodruff Library's collection exceeds one million items that consist of:

  • 383,000 print volumes;
  • 43,000+ electronic books;
  • 867,000 microforms;
  • 302,000 government documents;
  • 17,000+ theses and dissertations;
  • 35,000+ bound periodicals;
  • 1,500 current periodical subscriptions;
  • 30,000+ electronic full text journals;
  • 8,000 media resources;
  • 200+ databases;
  • 7,400+ cubic feet of archival and special collections.

The two most important consortia relationships are through the library’s participation in ARCHE and in GALILEO. The Library is a member of the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE). ARCHE consists of 20 public and private colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning within the greater Atlanta region, as well as five affiliated independent libraries and 12 corporate and non-profit community partners. As a member of ARCHE, students and faculty of Morehouse College and the Atlanta University Center (AUC) have access to the library materials of all member institutions. Membership in ARCHE is established under the signature of the president of each institution and affords these private institutions the opportunity to participate in the Georgia Library Learning Online network (GALILEO). Students and faculty also enjoy reciprocal borrowing authorized through an interlibrary use policy common to all members of ARCHE.

The Library participates in GALILEO, Georgia Library Learning Online Network, a statewide consortium of educational institutions. GALILEO promotes equalized access to information for citizens of Georgia. It does so by encouraging resource sharing, collaboration, and provision of access to information to the public. As a participating institution, the Library and the members of the AUC community benefit from access to multiple information resources, including electronic databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals, encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications.

Morehouse College students and faculty are able to take advantage of, (anytime and anywhere), electronic resources that the library buys directly and that it subscribes to through GALILEO. This is accomplished by registration for remote access using the EZproxy technologies. Thus, the Library has removed a geographic and physical barrier to its services and resources. Within the building, students can utilize the wireless technologies to access services and resources. The Library’s online catalog is available to users via the Web onsite and via remote access, providing around the clock availability from any location. The Voyager library management system enables users to retrieve information about library resources through a variety of search options, check the status of their library accounts, renew materials, and recall or place holds on material checked out to other users.

Interlibrary loan services are available to any member of the Morehouse College community requiring resources for an academic research project or course-related assignment. Requests may be submitted online using the ILLIAD online request service. In most instances, there is no cost associated with an interlibrary loan request unless the material is lost or damaged or if interlibrary loan fees exceed the usual and customary charges. Through the ILLIAD service users may receive desktop delivery of articles which the lender sends electronically. In addition, the Library provides access to numerous electronic resources which offer users the ability to email citations and full text articles to themselves.

The Library provides a number of contact points for its users which include the email addresses for library departments, individual library personnel, and subject specialists. Should a user have a question about services such as interlibrary loan or reference, s/he may send email to or or call. If the user needs specific subject assistance, s/he may also contact the appropriate subject specialist directly, via email, phone, or visit. A full directory of library staff is posted on the RWWL Web site for users.

The Library’s collections encompass a broad spectrum of subject areas supporting programs in specific disciplines as well as interdisciplinary studies. According to the Morehouse College Web site, 26 degrees in three academic divisions are offered.  Robert W. Woodruff Library has an established collection development program which includes a formal collection development policy and employs the subject specialist liaison model to ensure appropriate attention to the programmatic requirements of its member institutions. There are 12 professional librarians who are members of the Information and Research Services Department of the Robert W. Woodruff Library to respond directly to the information needs of the student population. Each librarian is assigned subject liaison responsibilities to support the research and curricular needs of each of the member universities’ faculty and students. In addition, the subject liaison participates in a program of bibliographic instruction and orientation, working with his/her faculty to arrange appropriate classes for courses taught in a given term. The liaison also provides individualized research assistance to the students. In 2006-2007, the Information and Research Services Department in its Annual Statistical Report stated that it provided 87 library instruction sessions to 1,500 Morehouse College students and faculty. Collaboration among the faculty and the subject liaisons on policies, procedures, and collection development are services provided to support the teaching, research and service mission. Library staff meet with department faculty, and the director is often on the agenda of the all faculty meeting.

As noted in the Library’s collection development policy manual, “collection development will be carried out in close collaboration with faculty, who represent the most in-depth and current subject expertise. Collection decisions will be based on detailed information from member institutions regarding student majors, curricular offerings, academic emphases, and future plans . . . Each selector [subject specialist], with input from faculty, will produce a formal subject profile for the materials in his or her subject areas.” Faculty submit recommendations for resources to the appropriate subject specialist who coordinates material selection. Additionally, faculty and students may make purchase recommendations via the Purchase Recommendations link on the Library’s Web site. The Library staff provides support services such as ordering, bibliographic control, and maintenance of resources requested for library collections.

Additionally, the Library assures its services are appropriate to support the teaching and learning of Morehouse College and other member institutions through regular communications with academic officers. Consequently, the CEO/director meets monthly with the chief academic officer to remain abreast of curriculum changes and impact upon library services.

To illustrate the Library’s ability to support the programs of Morehouse College, information is provided on resources in each of the three broad subject areas.

  1. Business
  2. Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. Science and Mathematics

Library Resources in Business:

The Library’s collection provides access to more than 34,000 print volumes, 5,800 electronic journals and databases, 69 print journals, and several hundred electronic monographs that specifically support the business programs. Appendix A provides a listing of print journal titles; Appendix B provides a select sample of electronic journals; Appendix C provides examples of electronic books to which users have access that support the business program; and Appendix D provides selected electronic business databases.

Appendix A: Print Journals in Business and Economics

American Real Estate Society

American Statistician

Americas Corporate Families/Billion Dollar Directory

Annals of Probability

Annals of Statistics


Atlanta Business Chronicle

B To B


Business Week

Career Guide Duns Employment Opportunities Directory

Conference Board Review

Encyclopedia of Banking & Finance

European Management Journal

Financial Accountant

Financial Times


Government Finance Statistics Yearbook

Information And Management

Information Technology Learning & Performance

International Journal of Accounting

International Review of Third World Culture and Issues

Journal of Accounting & Economics

Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance

Journal of African Business

Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

Journal of Banking And Finance

Journal of Business Research

Journal of Change Management

Journal of Economic Geography

Journal of Economic History

Journal of Economic Psychology

Journal of Education For Business

Journal of Employment Counseling

Journal of Financial Economics

Journal of Financial Intermediation

Journal of Futures Markets

Journal of International Economics

Journal of Management

Journal of Management Information Systems

Journal of Marketing Education

Journal of Monetary Economics Corporations

Journal of Multinational Financial Management

Journal of Productivity Analysis

Journal of The Academy Of Business Education

Journal of The American Statistical Association

Journal of Urban Economics

Labor History

Leaders Magazine

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics

National Real Estate Investor

Omega : International Journal For Management Science

Organization Science

Organizational Research Methods

Performance Improvement Quarterly

Rand Journal of Economics

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

Review of African Political Economy

Review of Economics & Statistics

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Sporting Goods Business

State of The World


Technology Analysis & Strategic Management

Value Line Investment Survey

Wall Street Journal

Wharton Report

Who Owns Whom

World Economic Outlook

Womens Wear Daily

Appendix B: Selected Electronic Journals in Business and Economics



Accountancy Age

Accountancy Ireland

Accounting education

Accounting forum (Blackwell)

Accounting Office Management and Administration Report

Accounting Technology

Accounting Today

Accounting, business & financial history

ACM Transactions on Information Systems : Publication of the Association for Computing Machinery

Empirical Economics

Equities: Special Situations

Essays in Economics theories, theorizing, facts, & policies

Ethics of Competition

European Insight

Evolutionary Economics: A Study of Change in Economic Thought

Fedgazette : Regional Business & Economics Newspaper

Feminist Economics


FRB SF Weekly Letter

Future of Economics

Geografiska annaler. series B, human geography

German economic review

Global News Bites

Gulf (Middle East Monitor)

History & Historians of Political Economy

History of Political Economy

How to Keep Growing 'New Economies

Income Opportunities

India Country Review

Indonesia Country Review

Information polity

Institutional Economics: Its Place in Political Economy Vol. 1-2

International advances in economic research

International economic review

International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics

International Journal of Social Economics

International journal of the economics of business

International review of applied economics

International review of economics & finance

Appendix C: Examples of Electronic Monographs in Business and Economics

Appendix D: Electronic Databases in Business and Economics


ABI/INFORM (Complete)



Business & Industry

Business and Company Resource Center

Business Organizations Directory

Business Source Premier (at EBSCOhost)

Business Source Premier Enhanced

Data Buffet (

Disclosure Company Snapshots (Company Reports)


EconLit (Economics)

EIU ViewsWire


Global Market Information Database

Hoover's Company Capsules & Profiles (at ProQuest)

Hoover's Online

InvestText Plus


Meridian Securities Online

Reference USA Business Database

Regional Business News

Standard & Poor's Netadvantage


The Dismal Scientist (

Worldscope GLOBAL (International Company Reports)

Library Resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences:

The Library's collection in the humanities and social sciences--which includes Africana studies; art; drama and dance; history; language and literature; mass media arts; music; religion, theology and philosophy; speech communication and theatre arts--exceeds 260,00 print volumes, several hundred print and electronic journals, and several hundred electronic monographs supporting the humanities and social sciences programs. To demonstrate the Library’s ability to specifically support these programs, appendices are included which provide information on resources in this area. Appendix E provides a select listing of print journal titles; Appendix F provides a selection of electronic journal titles; Appendix G provides examples of electronic monographs to which users have access that support the humanities; and Appendix H provides a selection of electronic databases.

Appendix E: Selected Print Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Aggressive Behavior

American Psychologist

Behavioral Neuroscience

Cognitive Science

Counseling Psychologist

Counseling Today

Developmental Psychology

Educational And Psychological Measurement

Journal of Research In Crime & Delinquency

Journal of Research In Crime & Delinquency

Journal of Social Service Research

Journal of Social Service Research

Journal of Teaching In Social Work

Journal of Teaching In Social Work

Justice Quarterly

Law Enforcement Technology

National Association Of Social Workers

Philosophy East & West

Police Chief

Prison Journal

Process Studies

Public Health

Research on Social Work Practice

Revue Des Sciences Humaines

Revue Des Sciences Philosophiques Et Theologiques

Smith College Studies In Social Work

Social Service Review

Social Work

Appendix F: Selected Electronic Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences

African philosophy

Aggressive Behavior

AJS review


American Atheist Magazine

American Atheist Newsletter

American Imago

American journal of bioethics : AJOB

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

American Journal of Pastoral Counseling

American journal of theology

American journal of theology & philosophy


Anglican theological review

Motivation and Emotion

Multivariate Behavioral Research

Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, aging, neuropsychology and cognition

New directions for child and adolescent development

New Zealand Journal of Psychology

North American journal of psychology

Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research

Personality and social psychology bulletin

Appendix G: Examples of Electronic Monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Appendix H: Selected Electronic Databases in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Ancestry Library Edition

Annual Reports of the Mayor of Savannah Georgia, 1855-1917

ATLA Religion Database (Georgia Theological Seminaries Consortia)

Auburn Avenue Research Library Finding Aids

Baldy Editorial Cartoons: The Clifford H. Baldowski Collection

Barnard's Photographic Views of the Sherman Campaign, 1866

Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868

Cyrus F. Jenkins Civil War Diary, 1861-1862

Ethnic NewsWatch

GALILEO (Georgia Library Learning Online)


Georgia Aerial Photographs

Georgia Census Data Map

GPO Monthly Catalog (U.S. Government Publications)

History of the University of Georgia by Thomas Walter Reed

Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)

Native American Documents

New Testament Abstracts

Old Testament Abstracts

Philosopher's Index


Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

PsycINFO (at EBSCOhost)

Religion & Philosophy Collection

Robert E. Williams Photographic Collection: African-Americans in the Augusta, Ga. Vicinity

Robert Toombs, Letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs, 1850-1867

Samuel Hugh Hawkins Diary, January - July 1877

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)

SocIndex Full-Text

Sociological Collection

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842

Vanishing Georgia

Library Resources in the Sciences

The Library’s collection provides access to more than 45,000 print volumes, several thousand electronic journals and databases, 150 print journals, and several hundred electronic monographs that specifically support the sciences and mathematics. To demonstrate the Library’s ability to specifically support programs in education, appendices are included which provide information on resources in this area. Appendix I provides a selected listing of print journal titles; Appendix J provides a selection of electronic journals; Appendix K provides examples of electronic monographs to which users have access that support the science program; and Appendix L provides a selection of electronic databases.

Appendix I: Selected Print Journals in Science and Mathematics

Aerospace Engineering

American Journal Of Mathematics

American Mathematical Monthly

Annals Of Mathematics

Applied Mathematics And Optimization

California Apparel News

CE News

Chemical Engineer Combination

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Communications In Applied Analysis

Companies And Their Brands

Computers In Education Journal

Conformal Geometry And Dynamics

Consumer Reports

Critical Reviews In Environmental Science & Tech

Duke Mathematical Journal

Dynamic Systems And Applications

Electrical Engineering


Engineering Design Graphics Journal

Engineering Journal

Engineering News

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Engineering

European Journal Of Information Systems

Experimental Mathematics

Green Chemistry

Information Systems Research

Journal For Research In Mathematics Education

Journal Of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences

Journal Of Applied Mechanics

Journal Of Architectural Engineering

Journal Of Difference Equations And Applications

Journal Of Dynamic Systems Measurement & Control

Journal Of Engineering Education

Journal Of Engineering Materials & Technology

Journal Of Fluids Engineering

Journal Of Heat Transfer

Journal Of Laser Applications

Journal Of Manufacturing Science And Engineering

Journal Of Physical & Chemical Reference Data

Journal Of Research In Science Teaching

Journal Of Technical Writing & Communication

Journal Of Testing & Evaluation

Journal Of The American Mathematical Society

Journal Of Thermoplastic Composite Materials

Locus - Online - Siam Journal Archive

Mathematics Magazine

Mathematics Of Computation

Mechanical Engineering

National Science Teachers Association


Nuclear Future

Philosophy Of Science

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America

School Science & Mathematics


Science Education

Scientific American

Appendix J: Selected Electronic Journals in Science and Mathematics

Accountability in research

Accounts of chemical research

ACM Communications in Computer Algebra (ACM Digital Library)

ACM Computing Surveys

ACM Journal of Computer Documentation


Microcirculation : The Official Journal of the Microcirculatory Society, Inc

Millipore Corporation SWOT Analysis

Molecular and cellular biology

Molecular biology and evolution

Molecular biology of the cell

Molecular Ecology

Molecular medicine (NSLIJI)

Software Industry Profile: Europe

Software Industry Profile: France

Software Industry Profile: Germany

Software Industry Profile: Global

Software Industry Profile: Italy

Software Industry Profile: Japan

Software Industry Profile: Spain

Software Industry Profile: the Netherlands

Software Industry Profile: United Kingdom

Software Industry Profile: United States

Software Magazine

SOSP: ACM symposium on operating systems principles

South Florida ecosystem restoration and the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

Southeast Asian bulletin of mathematics (Springer)

Southwest Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

SPAA: ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures

SPDT: Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Tools

Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG)

SSR: Symposium on Software Reusability

Statistical Science

Statistics: A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics

Appendix K: Examples of Electronic Monographs in Science and Mathematics

Appendix L: Electronic Databases in Science and Mathematics

AccessScience @ McGraw-Hill




Biology Digest

Computer Source: Consumer Edition

GEOBASE (Geology/Geography)


Science Full-Text Select (in Wilson Omnifile: Full Text Selected Edition)

SciFinder SCHOLAR (Restricted Access

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