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Governance and Administration: Qualified administrative/academic officers
The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience, competence, and capacity to lead the institution.

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Morehouse College has identified and retained academic and administrative leaders that are at the forefront of their fields of study and professions. They have matriculated from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States. Our academic and administrative officers are found at various levels within the College. However, we have decided to present the credentials of the president, interim provost, other vice presidents, and the senior members of the president’s Cabinet.

The President of Morehouse College is Dr. Robert M. FranklinDr. Franklin is the Chief Operating Officer of Morehouse College.  Reporting to the president is the interim provost and senior vice president, Dr. Willis Sheftall; the vice president of Administrative Services and General Counsel, Karen Miller; the vice president of Business and Finance/CFO, Kevin Appleton; the vice president of Campus Operations, Andre Bertrand; the vice president of Institutional Advancement, Phillip Howard; the vice president of Student Services, Dr. Kevin Rome; assistant vice president for Academic Affairs/SACS Liaison, Dr. Ronald J. Sheehy; and the director of College Auditing and Advisory Services, Clarence O. Hollis. 

Dr. Willis Sheftall is the interim provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs. Three academic deans:  the Dean of Science and Mathematics, Dr. John K. Haynes; the Dean of Business and Economics, Dr. John E. Williams; and the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Terry Mills, report to Dr. Sheftall.  A review of the curriculum vitae for Dr. Sheftall will show that he is fully qualified for this position.

The Office of Administrative Services is led by Karen Miller, JD. The vice president of Administrative Services also serves as general counsel for Morehouse College. Ms. Miller is also responsible for Information Technology and Services, the Office of Strategic Planning and Title III, and the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research. A review of the vitae for Karen Miller will show that she is fully qualified for this position. 

Mr. Kevin Appleton, CPA, is vice president for Business and Finance. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of Morehouse College. His area is responsible for the controllership and accounting functions, student financial services, financial aid, financial systems, and treasury-related functions. The associate vice president of Business and Finance, associate vice president of Student Financial Services, associate vice president of Auxiliary Services, director of Financial Aid, and the assistant vice president and director of Budgets report to Mr. Appleton. A review of the vitae of Mr. Appleton will show that he is fully qualified to hold this position. 

Mr. Andre Bertrand is the vice president of Campus Operations. Campus Operations is responsible for maintaining and preserving the College’s physical infrastructure and security. He also oversees the Office of Support Services, Telecommunications, the Morehouse College Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative and Executive Services. A review of the vitae for Mr. Bertrand will show that he is fully qualified to hold this position.

Mr. Phillip Howard is the vice president of the Office of Institutional Advancement. The Office of Institutional Advancement is responsible for generating financial resources for the achievement of the College’s mission. The vice president plans and executes capital and other major gift initiatives. He oversees the Communications Office, the Office of Governmental Programs and Alumni and Corporate Relations. A review of the vitae of Mr. Howard will show that he is fully qualified to hold this position. 

Dr. Kevin Rome is the Vice President of Student Services. He is responsible for student welfare, student conduct, activities and health services; housing and residential life; off-campus student affairs and Greek and international student organizations. A review of the vitae for Dr. Rome will show that he is fully qualified to hold this position.

In addition, on at least an annual basis, all professors and staff are formally evaluated by their managers to determine that they are functioning at the level of expertise required for their positions. This appraisal mechanism is used to evaluate their performance and is also a factor in their compensation.  The forms used include the Performance Planning and Review Forms for LeadershipManagement and Individual Contributor.

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