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Governance and Administration: External influence
The governing board is free from undue influence from political, religious, or other external bodies and protects the institution from such influence.

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The Board acts independently from any political, religious or outside entity. Its membership is representative of a variety of affiliations, including the institution itself, as the president and three faculty and student Trustees serve on the Board, as well as business, philanthropic organizations and other affiliations. The affiliations of the members are, as of the date of this report, as follows:

Name                                                             Primary Interest

Ms. Billye Aaron
Dr. Cheryl Allen                                              Education (faculty)
Dr. Charles Adams                                          Religion
Dr. Benjamin Blackburn II                               Medicine
Mr. Herman Cain                                             Business
Mr. Reginald Cleaver                                       Education (student)
Mr. Chester Davenport                                    Business
Mr. Robert Davidson                                       Business
Mr. Willie J. Davis                                           Law
Mr. J. Alexander M. Douglas                           Business
Mr. Michael Duke                                            Business
Mr. Jeffrey Dunn                                              Business
Judge Jerome Farris                                         Law (retired)
Dr. Robert M. Franklin                                     Education (President)
Judge Robert V. Franklin                                  Law (retired)
Ms. Ann Fudge                                                Business
Mr. Michael Garrett                                         Business
General James Hall                                           Military (retired)
Dr. James Hefner                                             Education
Mr. Charles James                                           Business
Mr. Donald Knauss                                          Business
Mr. Shelton Lee                                               Entertainment
Mr. Robert Levin                                             Business
Mr. C. Linden Longino                                     Retired
Mr. Phillip McCall                                            Law (alumni president)
Dr. Joseph McCray                                          Education (faculty)
Mr. Adam McFarland                                      Education (student)
Mr. Dwight Minton                                           Business
Mr. Charlie Moreland                                       Retired
Mr. Jim Moss                                                   Human Resources
Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.                                             Religion
Mr. Avery Munnings                                         Business
Mr. Stanley Onuoha                                          Education (student)
Dr. Fred Renwick                                             Education
Mr. B. Franklin Skinner                                     Business
Mr. Clinton Stevenson                                       Philanthropy
Mr. John Thornton                                             Business
Mr. John Wallace                                              Law
Dr. Artis White                                                  Medicine
Dr. Robert Wilson                                             Education (faculty)

The broad and varying affiliations of the Board’s membership from among the fields of business, education, law, religion and philanthropy evidences that there are no external entities, religious, political or otherwise, which holds a majority of the seats on the Board.

The Board has many policies for appointments and dismissals also help to ensure that is remains free from undue external influences, as these actions require broad-based participation of the Trustees. First, the appointment process ensures that no outside entity could stack the board. Except for the non-elected members, each Board member’s nomination is considered and approved by the Trusteeship and Governance Committee prior to advancing their recommendation to the full Board for its consideration. Then, the appointment must be passed by a majority vote.

Secondly, the Board’s policies safeguards against the unwarranted removal of board members due to external pressures. Board members cannot be summarily dismissed, but instead may only be dismissed due to excessive absences, incapacity or a showing of adequate cause, which requires a super-majority vote (2/3) of the Board to sustain. The process for dismissals and the extraordinary vote provide safeguards from the exertion of external pressure on members of the Board.

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