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Educational Programs: All:Practices for awarding credit
The institution employs sound and acceptable practices for determining the amount and level of credit awarded for courses, regardless of format or mode of delivery.

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Morehouse College sets the number of hours a course is worth determined by the hours it meets in a semester. For example, a one-semester credit hour course meets one hour per week in a semester; two-semester credit hour course meets two hours per week; three-semester credit hour course meets three hours per week; and so on. Summer courses are condensed, but the actual contact time is the same as a regular semester. The above criteria for credit hour determination are consistent with best practices identified in like institutions.  “Research shows that a standard three-credit-hour, one-semester lecture/discussion course meets for a total of between 2,100 and 2,250 minutes. The course may meet once, twice, or three times per week, or as a workshop meeting daily. A standard laboratory course meets for twice the amount of time as the lecture course.” (Adapted from The Registrar's Guide: Evolving Best Practices in Records and Registration)

Course format is not hindered by the above formula. Regular lecture courses, seminar courses (that meet once per week), intensive study programs (that meet daily for a shorter period), and conference style programs (that meet once) all adhere to the contact hour rule.

The Morehouse College Course Catalogue is the definitive source for the campus community in representing the number of
credit hours a course has been evaluated to receive.

The credit hour evaluation process is a part of the general
new course submission process administered by the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee of the college.

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