Executive Summary

As the world appears to grow smaller and its inhabitants become more interdependent in every facet of life, Morehouse College seeks to realize more fully its historic mission and audacious vision of improving global conditions by educating citizens and leaders who will make a difference. We refer to the outcome of our education as “global competency.” This commitment and proposed intensification of our pedagogical heritage in ethics and social justice come at a time when global conflict and environmental abuse can only be abated by effective and intelligent leadership. Morehouse has demonstrated its promise for producing such leaders in the person of our 1948 graduate, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We feel compelled now to demonstrate that we can and must do more to extend Dr. King’s vision into the future by engaging in an exciting process of internationalizing our curriculum and campus culture.  Our new tenth president, Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, has articulated our collective commitment to the revitalization of this historic vision in these words, “Morehouse will become a global resource for educated and ethical leaders.”

The promising aspiration of Morehouse College to realize this vision is evident in the commitment of faculty and staff who have endeavored in past years to advance internationalization in the curriculum and various co-curricular activities.   The College is now energized to embark upon a strategic planning process that will advance our values. Our Quality Enhancement Plan Committee is a broad-based collegium of faculty, staff, and students who have combined energies to perform a comprehensive internationalization review and to forge a consensus on the focus of the College’s distinctive value in the arena of undergraduate internationalization.  Thanks to their intellectual investments the resultant Quality Enhancement Plan elaborates the work we will undertake in the years ahead fortified by the wise counsel of other institutional partners and that of the Commission on Colleges of SACS.

Over the course of the next five years, Morehouse College will organize an approach to comprehensive internationalization around the following goals: 

Goal I.   To develop broad-based knowledge of global and international issues throughout the curriculum, including general education.

Goal II. To provide experiences that will enhance student    understanding of other cultures and nations.

Goal III. To develop the attitudes and values that will enable Morehouse students to lead in the nation and the world.

These institution-wide activities are designed to expose college stakeholders to the multidimensional character of international awareness and responsibility. Knowledge (theory), experience (practice) and character (attitude, value and ethics) are critical components of the Morehouse approach to international learning.  Dr. King regarded the ultimate aim of such awareness and commitment to be the creation of global community marked by peace, justice, and human fulfillment and environmental integrity. He employed the concepts of “the world house” and the “beloved community.” Through this undertaking, we will contribute our greatest resource to the world of educated citizens, namely, globally competent Morehouse Men who are prepared to exercise leadership in the world.

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