1. Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel Comprehensive Program Review
2. The Leadership Center Comprehensive Program Review
3. The Andrew Young Center for International Studies Comprehensive Program Review
4. Foreign Language Degree Programs (College Catalog)
      Japanese (Spelman College)
      Latin (Spelman College)
      Chinese (Asian Studies Program Grant)

5.International Studies/Political Science Asian
6. Middle Eastern Studies (Grant)
7. Inventory of Internationalization at Morehouse College
8. Dr. Franklin’s Convocation Speech (2007)
9. Minutes of July 7 Meeting called by Provost Sheftall
10. Minutes of July 22 Meeting called by Provost Sheftall
11. Survey of Faculty (13 topics)
12. Survey of Faculty (3 topics)
13. Task Force Memberships
14.First Retreat Agenda (August 18, 2007)
15. Second Retreat Agenda (February 2, 2008)
16. Task Force Proposal Writing Guidelines
17. Global Learning Outcomes by Department
18. Committee on Educational Policy and Curriculum
19. Standard 3.3.1
20. Standard 2.7.3
21. WEAVEonline
22. MOU University of Dar Es Salaam
23. MPAGE Program
24. Comparison Chart of Local and National Certificate Programs
25. Course Syllabus: Ethical Leadership and the Crisis of Global North South Relations
26. South Africa Leadership Program
27. Bonner Office of Community Service – International Service – Learning Project
28. Crown Forum United Nations Millennium Goals
29. Crown Forum Draft Syllabus
30. Twenty Ethical Principles
31. Strategic Plan Progress Report
32. Standard 2.5
33. Strategic Planning Working Documents
34. Campaign for a New Century
35. Board Authorization of New Campaign
36. Preliminary Prospect Analysis
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