Fundraising Plan

1. Relationship to the College’s Strategic Plan

Morehouse College, in recent history, has developed consecutive five year strategic planning documents. The Five-Year Strategic Plan 1996-2001 was followed by the next Five-Year Strategic Plan 2001-2006, which consisted of seven goals and thirteen objectives. One of the goals of the 2001-2006 Plan was, “To foster the development of global leaders” (Goal 6). The goals of the Strategic Plan were assessed annually in the Strategic Plan Progress Report. While progress was realized toward accomplishing many of the strategic objectives, progress toward the “development of global leaders” was less well defined and developed.

In 2006, the College initiated a Comprehensive Program Review Process, which consisted of an in depth analysis of all College units, including academic departments, general education, centers, programs and institutes, and administrative units.  One aspect of this review requested all units to provide evidence that the unit has contributed to the seven strategic goals. Unit responses to Goal 6 are found in their comprehensive review documents (standard 2.5).  Some units showed considerable progress toward this goal; however, their responses are best described as uneven and varied.

The College is now in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan 2007-2012, which is grounded in the vision of the new president, Dr. Robert Michael Franklin. Dr. Franklin’s vision, articulated in his first convocation speech, is that Morehouse would be “A global resource for educated and ethical leaders”. The Strategic Planning Core Committee which has been meeting during the fall and spring of AY 2007 and 2008 have produced working documents,that build on this theme. Further, both the faculty and staff in separate retreats have endorsed the vision of President Franklin, and supported the centrality of internationalization to the future strategic positioning of the College.

2. Relationship to the Capital Campaign

The previous capital campaign of the College, “The Campaign for a New Century,” built on the goals and objectives of the 1996-2001 and 2001-2006 Strategic Plans, and closed in 2007 after raising over 110 million dollars. Similarly, the new capital campaign that was authorized by the Morehouse Board at its November 2007 meeting will build on the 2007-2012 strategic plan. Although the Board has not officially endorsed the new strategic plan, it is clear from the College’s commitment, including strong statements of support from the administration, faculty and staff, that internationalization will be a focus in the new plan.

In anticipation of the board’s authorization, the Office of Institutional Advancement has performed prospect research to offer resources that may be helpful in the sustainability and institutionalization of the internationalization of the College’s programs beyond that allowed by institutional funds. The sustainability and viability of each of the program
components will be a major planning activity of the Quality Enhancement Plan
because the College truly embraces this endeavor as part of its institutional identity and mission.

3. Prospect Analysis

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) has performed a preliminary prospect analysis including private and public agencies.  Preparations are underway for this analysis to inform a Capital Campaign strategy.


Sankofa- African symbol for learning from the past.    

Program Sustainability

The college’s commitment of $300,000 dollars per year, over the course of the next five years, will allow the plan to reach its essential goals.  However, we plan to sustain the program beyond the five years through a $10 million endowment for internationalization to be included in the next capital campaign. We also plan during the first five years a vigorous fundraising effort aimed at private and public agencies to supplement program components.

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