Message From President Franklin

Message From President Franklin

The world is equally balanced between good and evil. Our next act will tip the scale.”
                                                                                                            Rabbi Hillel     

It is exciting and appropriate that Morehouse College makes this public commitment to the comprehensive internationalization of our College. This is a direction charted by our institutional founders who spoke of students at Morehouse providing enlightened and ethical leadership for the developing world. It is a thread that has run consistently through the fabric of Morehouse history. President John Hope carefully monitored the condition of world affairs as he visited with black troops in Europe during World War II. President Benjamin E. Mays left a lasting legacy at the World Council of Churches during a lifetime of advocacy for racial equality. President Hugh Gloster demonstrated his commitment to the importance of international travel as he established numerous scholarships for overseas study. And, President Emeritus Walter Massey has had a significant impact on national policy discussions concerning the impact of technology and human behavior on the environment, as well as strengthening international studies at the College.  In addition, numerous Morehouse Men have made lasting contributions to the well being of the global community, perhaps none more monumental than 1948 graduate, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Indeed, internationalization is part of our institutional DNA and is a direction that we would have pursued without the added impetus of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) opportunity. 

The Quality Enhancement Plan affords a propitious opportunity to both demonstrate Morehouse’s historical commitments to fostering true global community and to strengthening our academic and leadership assets in accord with this ambitious and demanding theme. The board, faculty, staff, students and alumni of Morehouse have already expressed their commitment to extending and deepening our knowledge of, and responsibility for, building an international environment marked by peace, justice, human fulfillment and environmental integrity.  In the years ahead, internationalizing our faculty, students, curriculum, chapel program and campus life will provide a wonderful sense of adventure and “journey” to the already lively learning environment of the Morehouse campus.

            I am grateful to the QEP team that initially conceptualized this work and all who helped to cultivate those ideas to this present iteration.  I am certain that there will be many unanticipated benefits from this journey into the world, and we approach that specter with open minds and ready hearts.  Indeed, we are confidently inspired by the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, “a man’s mind once stretched by some new idea, can never return to its original dimensions.”



                                                                                                                                       Robert Michael Franklin, Ph.D.

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