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I welcome the readers of this online version of our Compliance Audit prepared for the reaffirmation of accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Morehouse College was first accredited in 1932, and its accreditation with SACS has been continuously reaffirmed since that time. While the cycle of review has required the College to produce an episodic report every ten years, we have also engaged in a process of continuous improvement and constant monitoring and evaluation of our policies and procedures for quality.

A small leadership team had ultimate responsibility for assembling the Compliance Audit Document, which we are submitting in order to demonstrate compliance with the Core Requirements and Comprehensive Standards. There was, however, broad involvement of faculty and staff in every aspect of developing the document – from writing the narratives to procuring the appropriate documentation.

Similarly, the development of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) entitled “Enhancing the Global Competence of Morehouse Students” was developed with generous participation of faculty and staff. We are particularly proud of our QEP, which calls on the College to advance and enhance comprehensively and strategically the internationalization of student learning, as well as to extend our historical commitment to social justice in the nation and the world.

We are proud of our affiliation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and look forward to responding to any request by the review committees related to the Compliance Audit or the Quality Enhancement Plan.

                                                                              Robert M. Franklin


Robert M. Franklin

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