May 17 - 19, 2013

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A Gathering of Men 2013 celebrating reunion classes ending in "3" and "8"


Alumni Reunion 2013

“There are some things as Morehouse Men that you are obliged to do for those left behind….”
These words spoken by President Barack Obama as he delivered the 129th Commencement address not only apply to the men of the 2013 graduating class, but also to us as alumni of this great institution.

Thank you for making a resounding statement about the strength of our alumni.
After an incredible weekend of fun and fellowship, our alumni have made a true statement.  With more than 2,477 alumni participating, $6.5 million has been raised over these last few months. Reunion classes, alumni chapters and committed individuals have contributed to the alumni-giving surge.

"I promise what was needed in Dr. Mays' time—that spirit of excellence and hard work and dedication and no-excuses—is needed now more than ever,” President Obama declared.  

As alumni, you embody this spirit he spoke of; we need you now. If you have given to the College, I sincerely thank you. If you know of other Morehouse Men who have yet to invest with us, please encourage them to do so. The future of our beloved alma mater depends on the commitment of us all to ensure a “Forever Morehouse!”

Please enjoy this photo collage of the weekend and support Forever Morehouse

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