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Senior To Do List

Our suggestion to you is to print this "To Do" list and use it as a reference as you complete your graduation process.

1. Have I completed and returned my application for graduation to The Records Office?
2. Have I thoroughly reviewed my record for major and minor courses with my academic advisor?
3. Have I checked to see if all core requirements are completed?

4. Have I had all "Is" removed and recovered all missing grades from previous semesters?

5. Have I verified all of my summer school credits: Are they recorded on my transcript?
6. Have I verified all AP, CLEP, exemption and/or StudyAbroad credits? Are they recorded on my transcript?
7. Have I thoroughly reviewed my transcript to determine its accuracy?
8. Have I thoroughly reviewed my course repeats on my transcript?
9. Have I turned in my clearance for graduation form?
10. Have I satisfied all library fines and picked up a clearance form? You must go to the Robert W. Woodruff Library to satisfy all obligation from the circulation desk.
11. Have I completed my loan exit interview with Financial Aid and/or Perkins Loan Officer and picked up a clearance form from the Financial Aid Office?


Note: Steps 10 And 11 Must Be Done In April after finals. Clearance Forms (Library, Financial Aid and Perkins Loan) must be turned in SIMULTANEOUSLY to the Records Office (Gloster Hall RM. 100).

**Forms MUST be turned into the Records Office by the appropriate deadlines to ensure precise processing of your clearance for graduation**