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Graduation FAQ

1. How do I petition for graduation?
At the beginning of your senior year, you will begin by completing an application for degree form and submitting it to the Records Office, Gloster Hall Rm. 100, by the second week following early spring registration. (Click here for Deadlines)

2. What if I fail to submit my application by the deadline?
Failure to submit this form by the posted deadline will delay processing of your academic record and diploma order. A LATE FEE will be accessed in the amount of $109 after deadline dates. Please Note: The Records Office takes NO responsibility for your neglect.

3. What if I need to make changes after I submit my diploma application?
You must, submit all changes to the Records Office no later than the second week in November in order for you to have your diploma ready immediately after commencement. Any submitted changes after the deadline will cause a serious delay in processing your diploma order. If you have a CHANGE OF GRADUATION DATE, it is imperative that you contact the Records Office in order to avoid unnecessary Graduation Fees and Academic Record HOLDS.

4. How will I know what courses I need to take or how many credits I need for graduation?

  • You may find out graduation requirements by referencing the bulletin for the year that you entered and/or going to www.morehouse.edu under the Records link.
  • Print a copy of your transcript from the Internet by going to Banner Web. If you need help, refer to the Student Web Registration Instructions.
  • Contact your major advisor and thoroughly review your record with him/her. During your appointment, your major advisor will inform you of major requirements that need to be fulfilled.

You are assigned to an Assistant Registrar alphabetically, according to your last name. During your visit, your Assistant Registrar will review your record with you and inform you of the core and divisional requirements as well as the number of credit hours that need to be fulfilled.

5. How can I resolve discrepancies on my transcript?
You can resolve discrepancies on your transcript during your visit with your Assistant Registrar in the Records and Registration Office.

6. Are there any special fees associated with graduation?
Yes. A fee is charged to seniors who have submitted a degree application. This fee will cover the purchase of your cap and gown, and the purchase of your hood and diploma. In the event that you do not graduate, promptly inform the RECORDS AND REGISTRATION OFFICE.

7. How can I detect possible holds on my account that could prevent me from receiving my diploma?
Verify any holds on your account at www.morehouse.edu, and then contact the department that placed the hold.

8. When and how will I know that I have completed all of the requirements and am cleared for graduation?
Once you've completed all requirements, confirmed completion of requirements with your Registrar(s), and cleared all financial holds, a final clearance list will be available for you via TigerNet before graduation.

9. What are the GPA requirements for receiving Honors?
Cum Laude 3.0 - 3.50
Magna Cum Laude 3.51 - 3.80
Summa Cum Laude 3.81 - 4.0
Departmental Honors- Contact your departmental chairperson.

10. Where do I get information concerning:

  • Cap/Gown
  • Invitations/Pictures/Senior activities


12. Whom do I contact regarding tickets to the commencement ceremony?
Contact the Director of Special Events in the Office of Institutional Advancement Mr. Henry Goodgame

13. How do I receive my diploma after the commencement ceremony?
PICK UP: Diplomas will be available for pick up immediately following graduation in the assigned location of the departments. You are required to first, follow the Marshal's to your appropriate location.

MAILING: If you would like to have your diploma mailed, simply provide the Records Office with the address to which you would like to have it mailed. Please ensure that the address is correct. Morehouse College Records and Registration Office takes no responsibility for incorrect mailing information.

Please make sure your permanent address is updated with the records office!!