Oprah and Morehouse


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Holding Up The Light

When 300 Morehouse Men filed onto stage, coming in from the left and right, the front and back, 13,000 people in Chicago’s United Center stood and applauded.
And Oprah Winfrey cried.
Part of  the “Surprise Spectacular,” the penultimate farewell episodes to “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the sheer magnitude of queues of Morehouse Oprah Scholars taking the stage stunned the woman who has seen it all, done it all.
“You got me,” she said in the deep, melodic voice that for the past 25 years has entertained, encouraged and enlightened the world.
Winfrey is currently the College’s top donor, having given a total of $12 million since 1989. It was during that year’s Commencement that she declared she wanted to help educate black men.  
“When you empower a black man, you light up the world,” she said about why she gives to Morehouse. “ When you empower a black man, you empower families. You empower his wife. You empower sons. You empower daughters … You light up the world.”

Paying It Forward

To honor Oprah’s legacy of giving, Oprah Scholars have pledged more than $300,000 toward the Sons of Oprah Campaign to light the path for the next generation of deserving Morehouse students.