Office of Strategic Communications


Producing Your Brochure, Newsletter, and Other Written Collaterals
The Office of Strategic Communications provides publishing information and services to the staff and faculty of Morehouse College. In addition to producing the College's periodical Morehouse Magazine, the Strategic Communications Office also serves the campus as editorial, design, photography and printing experts.

The Office of Strategic Communications can help you with many of your printing projects. In some cases, the office can carry the project through to delivery. In other cases, we can help you determine the specifications of your project, work with you to develop a budget, offer access to the College photo archives, and provide names of reliable professionals—editors, designers, photographers and printers. 

Morehouse Magazine
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Morehouse Magazine is published by Morehouse College, Office of Strategic Communications. Opinions expressed in Morehouse Magazine are those of the authors, not necessarily of the College.

Letters and Comments. Letters must be one typed page in length and must be signed. Please include address and daytime phone number. Send to: Morehouse Magazine Editor, Morehouse College, Office of Strategic Communications, 830 Westview Dr., S.W., Atlanta, GA 30314.