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This is a list of useful online resources for language learning, internships and scholarships.

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  •  German (2)
  •  Spanish (5)
  •  Internships & Professional Fellowships (8)
  •  Scholarships (3)
  •  German Resources in Georgia (7)
  •  French Resources in Georgia (1)



"For a country to fortify and develop its culture, it must open its doors and windows wide to intellectual, scientific, and artistic currents. It must stimulate the free circulation of ideas - from wherever they may come - so that local tradition and experience are constantly put to the test; and so that they may be corrected, completed, and enriched by the traditions and experiences of those who share the miseries and wonders of the human adventure in other places, through different languages and circumstances."

Mario Vargas Llosa
2010 Nobel Prize in Literature