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Intensive Spanish Program

The Intensive Spanish Program is a one-month total-immersion Program housed at Morehouse College for students of the Atlanta University Consortium. It covers both Spanish 201 and Spanish 202-- the entire language requirement, and provides participants with six hours of credit upon Program completion. Students sign an oath to speak only in Spanish for the duration of the Program, they live on the Morehouse College campus with native-level Spanish speaking staff and have all meals with Intensive Spanish Program staff. Each day students communicate in Spanish in classes, labs, and cultural activities --including classes with experts from the Atlanta Latino community-- in Latino dance, crafts, cooking, and music. Other activities include Latino films, meals in Latino restaurants, dancing in Latino clubs, and service learning in the Latino community.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Patricia Pogal, Brawley Hall 305A
C: 404-759-5244 O: 404-572-3689
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office hours: T/ Th: 11:00-12:50 & by appointment

"For a country to fortify and develop its culture, it must open its doors and windows wide to intellectual, scientific, and artistic currents. It must stimulate the free circulation of ideas - from wherever they may come - so that local tradition and experience are constantly put to the test; and so that they may be corrected, completed, and enriched by the traditions and experiences of those who share the miseries and wonders of the human adventure in other places, through different languages and circumstances."

Mario Vargas Llosa
2010 Nobel Prize in Literature