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The foreign language requirement of the General Education curriculum at Morehouse College may be satisfied by taking two semesters (6 hours) of a foreign language at the 201-202 intermediate level (or 251 and 252 for the Honors Program). This entire sequence must be completed in the same language. Courses taken at the 101-102 elementary level may be taken for elective credit only.


Before arrival on campus, all incoming students (including beginners, transfer students and native speakers) who want to take French, German or Spanish to complete the Morehouse General Education requirement in language must complete the WebCAPE online placement exam. Students should take the exam as soon as possible to expedite the completion of their schedule. 

You CANNOT use this exam to place out of the Morehouse language requirement. Only verified AP, International Baccalaureate and CLEP scores, or transferrable credit and native-speaking ability, will be reviewed for credit. Even if credit is granted, the Department of Modern Foreign Languages strongly encourages students to continue taking upper-level language courses to maintain and improve their fluency.

All students will take the WebCape in the Language Resource Center (Brawley Hall 130). The director of the LRC will proctor this exam


To re-access exam results, log back on, fill in the top part of the survey as you did when you took the exam, and click the resume button. (This process also works if the exam is interrupted—as long as you have answered at least one question.)


There is no online placement exam for Chinese. If you are interested in taking Chinese, contact the Director of Chinese Studies, Dr. Ruihua Shen. The Director will evaluate your Chinese level and determine what course level you will need to register into.


For other foreign languages offered at the Atlanta University Center (Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College) such as Portuguese, Japanese and Latin, you will contact the department that teaches the language you would like to take. The language instructor will determine your appropriate course level. At the beginning of each semester, you must get the appropriate instructor’s signature to cross-register into the course. Once your level has been determined, you need to contact Dr. Michael Dillon, Chair of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages.

"For a country to fortify and develop its culture, it must open its doors and windows wide to intellectual, scientific, and artistic currents. It must stimulate the free circulation of ideas - from wherever they may come - so that local tradition and experience are constantly put to the test; and so that they may be corrected, completed, and enriched by the traditions and experiences of those who share the miseries and wonders of the human adventure in other places, through different languages and circumstances."

Mario Vargas Llosa
2010 Nobel Prize in Literature