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Lead With Languages

Imagine waking up one day to a new reality. A world where English is only one of thousands of languages and 95% of Americans are left out the conversation. Realize that that day is today. In the world that we share 7 billion people, 75% don’t understand any English and the fastest growing economies across the globe are non-English speaking. How can we succeed?


21st Century Skills Map

Learning other languages and understanding the culture of the people who speak them is a 21st Century skill that is vital to success in the global environment in which our students will live and work.



Language Study in the Age of Globalization

Knowing another language enriches your personal life expands the range of professional opportunities open to you, and increases your power to act as a citizen of the world.


Welcome to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages

Here, at Morehouse College, we value the importance of foreign language skills in the liberal arts college experience. For this reason, it is required to take six credit hours at intermediate level enriching global and cultural awareness. From this point the student may choose to minor or major in languages and combine it with any other major offered at the college, which provides a significant advantage for their chosen career.

We currently offer majors and minors in French and Spanish, as well as German courses in Elementary and Intermediate levels. Not only does our department collaborate with interdisciplinary studies it also supports language clubs, sponsors international honor societies, organizes summer programs, coordinates Service learning and helps find professional internships.

Our faculty represents an extensive range of interests from Cinema, Linguistics, and Literature to Business and Service Learning. Our faculty is committed to a high level of excellence in teaching and scholarship. We align with the Standards for Foreign Language Learning by the American Council of Foreign Teaching Languages (ACTFL): Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. The application of these standards comprehensively fosters world citizenship in our community.

If you would like more information about our programs and how languages can help in your professional goals, stop by our office. The world is waiting for you!

With regards,

Dr. Michael F. Dillon



Department of Modern Foreign Languages

The Department currently offers major and minor concentrations in French, and Spanish. In addition, German is offered. The faculty of the Department represents an extensive range of interests and is committed to a high level of excellence in teaching and scholarship.Consistent with the mission of Morehouse College, the Department recognizes the need for language proficiency in today's changing world. We are dedicated to providing instruction, activities, counseling and guidance, which enhance the humanities disciplines. We endeavor to prepare students for the many challenges which they will encounter as they enter professional life. Every effort is made to teach students to think clearly and critically, to make logical and ethical judgments, and to communicate effectively with others through cultural and international awareness at all levels of instruction. The range of options offered by the Department reflects a diversity of purpose and attempts to satisfy a variety of interests not only for students who plan to pursue the study of language and literature but also for those in other disciplines.

"A man who knows two languages is worth two men."

French Proverb