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Civil and Human Rights SeriesThe University of Georgia Press and Morehouse College's Martin Luther King Jr Collection are pleased to announce the Morehouse College King Collection Series on Civil and Human Rights Series, a new collaborative book series. Using the 13,000 papers of the King Collection as a foundation, books in the series will offer new scholarship that provides insightful overviews and analyses of Dr. King's intellectual, theological, and activist engagement with a variety of broad themes.


These themes include (but are not limited to) poverty, nonviolence, the Vietnam War, capitalism, racial discrimination, education, and civil rights. Along with the thematically focused works, the series will include brief critical studies on King's involvement with specific campaigns, such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1956-57 and the Poor People's Campaign of 1968. Though scholarly in nature, the books are intended to be accessibly written, relatively brief (50,000-70,000 words), and engaging for general readers, offering overviews of King's life and legacy through a twentieth-first-century lens.

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Teaching, Research and Scholarship with the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection involves an ongoing effort to promote the serious study of Dr. King and the struggle for civil and human rights within the United States and throughout the world. Researchers and scholars have open access to the Collection and are invited to visit and conduct scholarly inquiry from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including theology, history, sociology, political science among others. There are opportunities for presenting work-in-progress to the college community and in various other settings at the institution. Morehouse faculty members are strongly encouraged to draw upon the Collection in teaching; several have supervised directed reading and independent study for seniors conducting advanced level research. The Collection's archivists provide a rich resource, not only in its conservation and preservation, but as knowledgeable guides to accessing items of note within the Collection.


Teaching, Research and Scholarship