Homecoming 2017

General Public Information

Morehouse College will provide security for this event. We will assume NO LIABILITY for any lost, damaged or stolen merchandise. If you need assistance or observe a potential problem, contact Parking Personnel at (404) 614-3793, Campus Police (404) 215-2666, or call 911.


  • No Selling Of Alcohol
  • No Consumption Of Drinks In Glass Containers. All Drinks Must Be Placed In Plastic/Disposable Cups
  • No Opened Alcohol Containers On Streets And Sidewalks
  • No Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages In Student Tailgating Areas Or Outside Of Alumni Tailgating Areas (Alcohol Is Only Allowed In Alumni Tailgating Areas)No Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages In Alumni Tailgating Areas After 7 P.M.
  • No Drinking Games, Public Intoxication, Consumption Of Illegal Controlled Substances, Paraphernalia, Or Providing Alcohol To Any Person Under Age 21. Persons Who Supply Alcohol To Underage Drinkers May Incur Criminal And Civil Liability.
  • No Disorderly Conduct
  • No Weapons
  • No Tailgating On The Top Of The Parking Deck
  • No Selling, Vending Or Soliciting Any Promotional Or Marketing Activities Without Written Authorization From The Director Of Alumni Relations, Henry Goodgame At (404) 215-2658 and The Chief Procurement Officer, Ralph Johnson At (404) 507-8697


  • First aid stations and EMS services will be located near the Shirley Massey Executive Conference Center and West End Avenue.
  • Restroom facilities and water stations are clearly identified and provided throughout the tailgate area.