Office of General Counsel and Compliance

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Office of the General Counsel & Compliance
830 Westview Drive, S.W.
Gloster Hall, Suite 109
Atlanta, GA  30314
Telephone:  470-639-0985
Fax: 404-659-6106


Joy White
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Rahn Gatewood
Senior Counsel
Terraine Bailey
Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Specialist
Heather Tate
Executive Assistant to the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer


Note:  Neither any lawyer nor the client may discuss or share their communications with any third party, which includes forwarding an electronic version of the advice.  To do so risks “waiving” the privilege, which means that other parties or the government would be entitled to explore in discovery or at a trial any and all communications related to that topic. 

If you are an employee of Morehouse College and in communication with the Office of the General Counsel, you are obligated to keep all communications strictly confidential.  Failing to do so, may risk waiving the Attorney/Client Privilege.