Disbursement of Aid

The College's Student Accounts Office bills students for tuition, required fees, housing, and dining charges. The Financial Aid Office will disburse student’s financial aid directly to their student account. This account is part of an automated system the Student Account Office uses to manage the billing and payment of tuition, fees, campus housing, dining, and other miscellaneous charges. Before aid is disbursed to a student’s account, they must meet all eligibility requirements.

Credit Balances:

Any balance left on a student’s account after all charges owed to the College has been paid will be disbursed through Higher One based on the chosen refund option.

Refunds and Repayments:

If a student’s registration status changes, this may reduce, and/or cancel financial aid eligibility. Before making changes, students should consult their Academic and Financial Aid Advisor.

Check Payments:

Some private scholarships and alternative loan programs mail checks to the College. These checks are usually made payable to both the College and the student. The student will be notified via their P.O Box once the check has been received if student endorsement is required. All checks must be endorsed before they are credited to the students account.

Financial Aid Federal Shopping Sheet

The Financial Aid Federal Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that Morehouse College provides to notify students about their financiual cost to attend.  It is a standardized form that is designed to simplify the information that students receive about costs and financial aid.

 The shopping sheet generates figures that are estimates only and all tuition rates and fees are subject to change without notice.

  • Morehouse College's standard allowance for some expenses may not match your actual costs.
  • Additionally, the shopping sheet does not include any estimates for personal expenses or travel and such expenses may vary greatly based upon personal choices.
  • The shopping sheet does not include some fees that are course-specifice (e.g., lab fees, educational materials, art supplies, etc.).

All amounts shown on the shopping sheet or in other College publications or websites represent tuition and fees as currently approved by the College.  However, Morehouse College reserves the right to modify tuition rates and fees without prior notice and to make such modifications applicable to students currently enrolled at the College, as well as to incoming students.  Students are responsible for all charges billed by the College.

The estimates included in the shopping sheet are not binding on the Secretary of Education, Morehouse College, or the State of Georgia. 


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