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Weekly Liberal Education News Watch Week of August 15–19, 2016

Weekly Liberal Education News Watch
Week of August 15–19, 2016

See these important recent articles of interest to AAC&U members—and all those who care about liberal education and inclusive excellence. AAC&U archives other liberal education news stories online at and stories on issues of equity and inclusive excellence at The Weekly Liberal Education News Watch e-mail will not be sent on August 26 or September 2. The weekly e-mail will resume on September 9, 2016.

Aspen Ideas Festival Blog
Sean Decatur is president of Kenyon College, a position he has held since July 2013. He spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival on June 30th on a panel called "Myth or Reality: If You Want a College Education, You Can Get One." Below, Decatur describes the benefits of a liberal arts education. Read more >>
HuffPost College
In the midst of a presidential campaign in which bigotry, lack of respect and an absence of critical thinking have become the hallmark of one candidate, we have a great deal to learn from liberal arts students in the State of Washington. Read more >>
The Conversation
Over the next several weeks 18.4 million students will be headed to colleges and universities in the United States. They, their families and taxpayers are making a monumental investment in the futures of these students, believing, correctly, that an undergraduate education is foundational to success in a global and knowledge-based economy. Many students arrive in college without a clear sense of purpose or direction. That is to be expected. Read more >>
What skills and knowledge do Pioneer Valley employers look for in their recent hires? That was the focus of a spring 2016 survey conducted by Greenfield Community College (GCC). More than 125 businesses, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and schools weighed in on the college-learning outcomes they value the most. Read more >>
The Washington Post
When most people talk about beefing up STEM education, they mean expanding the availability of the integrated learning of science, technology, engineering and math classes. It’s needed, proponents say, because there simply aren’t enough young Americans educated well enough in these subjects to take the available jobs in the 21st Century economy — and because there is a huge STEM achievement gap between whites and blacks, the poor and the wealthy. Read more >>