undergraduate research


    Undergraduate research is a high priority at Morehouse College and the Division of Science and Mathematics supports and encourages initiatives that aim to increase the number of its graduates entering PhD programs.  As such, Morehouse faculty regularly work with undergraduates on research projects.  Most of these projects are supported through one of the College’s “future research scholars” programs--John Hopps Research Scholars Program, MBRS-RISE Program; Ronald E. McNair Program; LSAMP; MARC U*STAR; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program; HBCU-UP and NIMH-COR.    Consequently, I am thrilled to say that there are many opportunities for Morehouse students to engage in research experiences in their respective science and mathematics disciplines. 

    The research endeavor tends to be unique for any given student and project.  The reason that it is important to me to supervise research at the undergraduate level is that exposes students to what research in mathematics entails, so they may make informed decisions about their own future career paths.  In pursuing such experiences, students will learn the language of mathematics, proof techniques, and software; write mathematics; read mathematics; and give presentations.  Such skills will increase their ability to hit the ground running in their future career or graduate studies.  A successful undergraduate researcher will begin to make their own conjectures, develop original approaches to discovery, construct examples and counterexamples, connect ideas, write proofs and survey results.