sample files and other resources


LaTeX The typesetting system designed for documenting mathematics.

  1. Downloading MacTeX (includes TexShop)

  2. Getting Started (webpage by David R. Wilkins)

  3. Intro to LaTeX (pdf file by W. Duckworth)

  4. LaTeX template (tex file)

  5. Figure (eps file)

  6. Some LaTeX symbols (pdf file)

Beamer - A LaTeX document class that makes slide presentations in pdf.

  1. Beamer sample (tex file)

  2. Sample Beamer Folder (zipped folder)

  3. Advice on giving a good presentation (by Joe Gallian)


  1. How to give a good math talk (by Joe Gallian)

  2. Advice on giving a good talk


  1. Poster template (zipped folder)

SAGE - A free, open-source alternative to Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB.

  1. Download

  2. Tutorial (html  or  pdf)

  3. Some basic linear algebra (by Leslie Hogben)

  4. Quick reference