Matthew B. Platt
Department of Political Science, Morehouse College

Hello and welcome to my home page. I am an assistant professor in the Political Science Department at Morehouse College. I used to be interested in the policy consequences of political activity. Falling under that relatively broad umbrella, my research focused on three questions: 1) Why/how does Congress pay attention to black issues? 2) How do individuals' decisions to become active in politics impact policymaking? 3) Given that the vast majority of bills never become law, why do members of Congress introduce legislation? However, my use of the past tense was not accidental. These days I am fixated on the grandiose idea of destroying and rebuilding black politics. Currently that grandiosity manifests as a (mostly imaginary at this point) three volume book series tentatively titled "A Mess of Pottage." This page serves primarily as a depository for working papers that address these old and new research interests. If you are randomly searching the internet for course syllabi, then you can find my updated list of courses here. If you are interested in my critically acclaimed annual "State of Obama Address", then you can follow me on twitter. You can even look at a pdf of my CV. Basically, this is your one-stop-shop for people named Matthew Platt who teach political science at Morehouse. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Matthew B. Platt
Department of Political Science
Morehouse College
830 Westview Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30314