The Nabrit-Mapp-McBay Science Building (built in 1990) houses the Biology Departmental Office, faculty offices and research laboratories, instructional laboratories for General Biology (our introductory courses), and lecture rooms. Administrative offices for the Division of Science and Mathematics are also located here as are the facilities of the Department of Chemistry.

John Hope Hall (completely reconstructed in 1996) houses additional Department of Biology faculty offices and research laboratories. Instructional laboratories for all upper level courses are located in this building as is a microcomputer laboratory, an electron microscopy facility, and aquatic animal facilities. The offices of the Public Health Sciences Institute and the Research Careers Office are also located here. Adjacent to Hope Hall (on the right side of this photograph) is our greenhouse which provides plant materials for both instructional and research purposes. Behind Hope Hall (on the left in this photograph) is Merrill Hall which is currently (September 2001) being renovated for the Department of Chemistry, and a Technology Tower is being built between Hope and Merrill Halls for the Department of Computer Science and the Office of Information Technology.

This is a typical meeting of the Ecology Laboratory course in Hope Hall. All upper level laboratory courses are held in open space flexible facilities such as this. Laboratory classes are purposely kept small. This particular laboratory has a wireless computer network hub and students use computers to record and analyze experimental data.

Although Morehouse College is an urban campus, natural areas are surprisingly close to campus. Panola Mountain State Conservation Park is our outdoor laboratory for aquatic ecology studies each semester.

The microcomputer laboratory located in Hope Hall has 24 workstations connected to the Morehouse College network and the internet. This laboratory is equipped with Macintosh computers (other campus computer laboratories are PC facilities). Each work station has MS Office software, as well as specialized programs for statistical analyses and dynamic process modeling.

Mr. James Pruden is shown relaxing (briefly) in the research laboratory of Dr. Blumer.

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